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‘Scream’ slashes a fresh wound into the horror genre

‘Scream’ slashes a fresh wound into the horror genre

‘Scream’ slashes a fresh wound into the horror genre
January 28
12:00 2022

“What’s your favorite scary movie?”

Twenty-five years ago, the world was asked what their favorite scary movie was. Twenty-five years later, I may finally have a definitive answer. “Scream” from 2022, not to be confused with “Scream” from 1996, has finally graced theaters across the world, and oh my word does it absolutely shred. Not only is it extremely smart and fresh, but it also has so much to say about the state of the current horror genre.

The film brilliantly blends legacy characters with new scene-stealers, while also staying true to how the previous four “Scream” movies functioned. You can tell how much love and care went into this film and it all culminated into one big slasher masterpiece. Slashterpiece? Sure, let’s go with it.

I wish I could dedicate a paragraph for every single actor in this movie because from the top of the bill all the way to the bottom is absolute perfection. Of course, we have the lovely Neve Campbell coming back as Sidney Prescott. Her role may be limited to some, but she plays the mentor role perfectly while also dealing out some damage herself. She is the ultimate final girl, and this film solidifies it.

Courtney Cox and David Arquette also play their returning roles to perfection as Gale Weathers and everyone’s favorite deputy Dewey Riley. 

None of the big three play overshadowing roles, which perfectly transitions into new stars like Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega taking the rightful spotlight as Sam and Tara Carpenter. I am a sucker for an amazing sibling relationship in a horror film, and their relationship plays out perfectly.

The rest of the cast is brilliant, but it would not be a “Scream” movie without the iconic voice of Roger Jackson. Jackson’s voice acting as Ghostface has become just as iconic as any actor and their horror counterpart, if not more, and it was nice to see the credits of the film give him the recognition he deserves.

The film commentates on numerous things, most notably “elevated” horror, and returning to a franchise with no activity for over 10 years. It is such a sharp way to handle a franchise like “Scream” and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett have made it so obvious how much they admire Wes Craven and his original masterpiece from 1996. 

The film mainly focuses on those who take their love of certain fandoms too far, which may be more horrifying than any mask-wearing knife-wielding killer. Most people have become extremely comfortable online bullying and harassing people they have never met. This behavior has snowballed into fans bullying studios and actors on a daily basis.

We are at a turning point where fans and their reactions to things are becoming extremely harmful — who is to say it won’t snowball further?

This film shows us what the end product of the snowball would be in an extremely twisted and brutal way. The execution of the kills in this movie are some of the most relentless we have ever seen in the franchise. Everyone from the actors to the crew did not come to play nice and the end product is truly something special.

In short, it is just so perfect. I was only 11 when the fourth movie came out and the previous three all came out before I was born. There was something special about seeing a “Scream” movie in a big movie theater. It made me happy I was there to be a part of it.

This film has been steamrolling everything in its way at the box office, so it feels like a sixth installment is all but confirmed. Kraven left his mark on the horror world, in so many different ways, and the “Scream” franchise may be the biggest one. It was so beautiful to see Wes honored, while the filmmakers still managed to make the movie their own.

The “Scream” franchise is five for five, which is pretty funny considering it is also the rating of this bloody masterpiece of a horror movie.

Jaden’s final rating: 5/5

Image source Paramount Pictures

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