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Separating conservatives from the alt-right will lead to cleaner political discourse

Separating conservatives from the alt-right will lead to cleaner political discourse

Separating conservatives from the alt-right will lead to cleaner political discourse
August 29
11:35 2017

In what would be a forever-changing world, the notion of moving forward and being transformative in a society gives people hope. But one group has no hope for the country unless it is a great white skinned hope.

The alt-right, a small radical pocket on the conservative side, believes in the push-back of political and social circles of people who don’t apply to the white genetic and social identity. We saw how they intended to push back in Charlottesville.

Sadly, the alt-right’s racist rhetoric is now starting to be confused for the conservative side of republican views. It’s best not to confuse all conservatives with the alt-right or any other hate groups. It’s easy to get the message lost in translation when you have republican President Trump benefiting from support from the alt-right during his campaign and into his presidency.

Richard Spencer, who coined the term alt-right, has been the most public voice for the movement in spreading its rhetoric. Spencer has become mainstream.

He says they’re not the KKK, neo-Nazis or even white supremacists. He says that white people are simply being forgotten, and the alt-right pushes to hold on to their white American history.

Spencer believes that white people in America are at risk. His mission is to fight to put them back on top of a society that he feels has given minorities stepping stools to easier success. It’s important to note the alt-right were fighting side by side with KKK, neo-Nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville, which begins to blur the lines of what they stand for.

This has unfortunately created the divide of American parties, setting us back to years of discrimination. From simple colors of red and blue being symbolic to the parties, it feels like America has taken a step back to black and white with race being a huge factor in motivations behind one side and the other.

When we bring it closer to home, do we really know how many students are conservative on our own campus? White supremacy posters appeared at the university earlier this year. Just two weeks ago Texas Woman’s University sent out an email addressing the same situation on their campus. With protests that have appeared in light of Trump’s election, the Muslim-ban and police brutality, it’s easy for liberal students to place republicans in the same box as racists.

People associate voicing support for republican views as supporting a republican president that voices support for racist rhetoric. There’s a responsibility factor for them to be held accountable on a smaller scale, like a college campus. So when you have backlash from your fellow peers to news like Donald Trump Jr. speaking at an alumni sponsored event, it would be hard to show your support for your party.

Maybe that’s why conservatives feel silenced on campus. They feel that everyone will look at them and assume they’re racist just because they are republican. We have our own republican party organization on campus with their last updated numbers being around 20 members. Going to a meeting to see what they’re talking about opens the dialogue for conversations.

It would be interesting to see a rise of a new side of UNT and how people would respond if republican students voiced their support more openly.

Inviting those conversations with our peers is the first step in tackling the issues we may have with their ideals. America is supposed to be the melting pot where Christian and Muslim, gay and straight, democrat and republican people can coexist.

Voices of the right can be right, and finding those who do not support the racist rhetoric of the alt-right is easier than you may believe. But the only way to do so is to listen. Let’s open the floor for the questions to get solutions.

Featured illustration by Theresa Sanchez

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Jade Jackson

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  1. Chad Plowski
    Chad Plowski August 30, 07:39

    The only people who are systematically discriminated against in America are white people. Hiring, college admittance, public assistance, etc.: white people are the victims of structural racism and discrimination when it comes to any of those things in America today. Wake up white people we *ARE* under attack and we can stop it any time we want just by standing up saying we are *PROUD* to be white. They’re going to call you a racist no matter what anyway. The only white person who is not a “racist” in the eyes of the left is one who is lying face down in a ditch.

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