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Skip Spotify, Apple music is more appetizing

Skip Spotify, Apple music is more appetizing

Skip Spotify, Apple music is more appetizing
November 20
15:17 2017

Everybody loves music and everybody listens to it constantly. You would be hard-pressed to find somebody without headphones in while you are going throughout your day. Music has universal appeal and we cannot seem to get enough of it.

But, there are two main options people have when they decide to stream music. However, only one choice is truly the right choice. Only one streaming service truly matters when it comes to listening to music.

The big debate that has divided young and old alike. Apple Music vs. Spotify. Which one is truly better?

I have come to you bearing only cold hard facts here. Apple Music is truly the better option.

I have no biases here, either. I have tried both of the streaming services so I can recognize both the similarities and differences. I started off with Spotify and after a glitch in the app caused all of my music to disappear, I angrily switched over to Apple Music in form of a protest against the app that wronged me and I have never looked back since.

Apple Music is undoubtedly the supreme option when going up against Spotify or any other streaming service that tries to take its place.

When I first started using Spotify I noticed quite often when I would look up a song, it seemed Spotify would not have it in their database because the song would just not pull up. After I switched over, I have never had an issue with Apple Music not having a certain song I wanted to listen to. Every song I have ever wanted to listen to is not only right there at my fingertips but also able to be added to my library without a second thought. The same thing definitely cannot be said for Spotify.

Not only does Apple Music have the more expansive selection of music, it is also a much easier app to navigate in comparison to Spotify. This may sound like a minor positive to some, but it is much more important than you may think. Try navigating through a confusing app when you are on aux cord duty and you have to quickly pick a song to keep the hype going on in the car and you fail and then kill the vibe? Your friends will be done with you. You will be kicked out of the car, friendless and with no ride. These are pressing issues which need to be thought out and taken into consideration.

Make the right decision when you are picking what service to give your hard earned money to. Why choose the Remy Ma version of streaming services when you can have the Nicki Minaj version? Why choose the Meek Mill version when you can have the Drake version? Make the right decision. Choose Apple Music.

Featured illustration by Max Raign 

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Spencer Kain

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  1. Rachel Wang
    Rachel Wang November 20, 20:00

    Yeah but apple music doesnt come with a free version

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  2. sugar daddy
    sugar daddy November 21, 01:45

    YES, Apple music is more convenient than Spotify. I am a Apple fan. iphone, ipod, iWatch, Apple Computer. I love music too.

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  3. adri
    adri December 04, 15:48

    sure jan

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