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Sorry, Ted Cruz, how you finance your campaign IS a big deal

Sorry, Ted Cruz, how you finance your campaign IS a big deal

February 01
19:46 2016

Kyle Martin | Staff Writer


When Ted Cruz ran his “Ted Cruz for President” campaign ad on YouTube, he detailed his family’s history, condemned President Obama and his “illegal and unconstitutional amnesty,” denounced Washington and, referring to his hopeful presidency, said, “It’s a time for truth.”

Yes, a time for truth, but not regarding the president’s immigration policy. What needs to be delved into, specifically, is the hefty sum of $1 million the Republican-hopeful received from private financial institutions – namely, his wife’s employer.

The senator’s supporters tend to foam at the mouth when hearing Cruz talk about his desire to defend the Constitution, roar in applause when he discusses taking on the IRS, cheer when he stammers about the loss of Second Amendment rights. But when the New York Times released an article revealing the loans that Cruz had taken out to fund his campaign for Senate in 2012, borrowed in part from Citibank, and in part from Goldman Sachs (where his wife Heidi Cruz is a high-ranking executive) he was all too eager to denounce the Times as “mainstream media,” implying that their credibility on the subject would likely be dodgy.

During the GOP debate in South Carolina, Cruz tried to justify his mistake. He made it seem like it was a minor, insignificant detail in his campaign finances, and that everyone should just brush off their shoulder. He even referred to it as a “paperwork error.” This kind of thing happens all the time, right? C’mon folks, cut him some slack. He wants to give us back our guns!


Ted Cruz is running for United States president. He doesn’t get to have “paperwork errors.” He should not be allowed to just dismiss one of the most credible news sources in America when they expose his backdoor business deals and then get away with it. He cannot claim to be a man of the people when his pockets are lined with the cash of those behind the scenes.

Cruz should be held to the highest standard of accountability, seeing that he wants to become leader of one of the most powerful nations in the world. This goes to show the lunacy of this presidential election and how conniving some of these candidates can truly be.

How could the American people possibly trust this person as their commander-in-chief if he is willing to keep something like this from them? That he can cite himself as a man of principle, and then continue to shake off the elephant in the room. One might run the counter-argument that he has (almost) paid if off and it wasn’t taken out when he was running for president, but instead while he was running for Senate in 2012.
But that begs the question: If he’s willing to brush off something as miniscule as a measly $1 million, what else would he be willing to turn a blind eye to once he’s in the White House? It is a startling precedent, to say the least.

If one should need more testament to how deceitful Sen. Cruz is, check out this video of him rehearsing “intimate” family time and hugs to be used for campaign ads.

(Also Heidi Cruz never read Green Eggs and Ham, just saying).

Featured Image: Courtesy | Ted Cruz Blog

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  1. Sam
    Sam February 02, 20:50

    Glad to see you and my alma mater being our eyses on the political process.

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