How to help yourself get through these last few weeks

How to help yourself get through these last few weeks

How to help yourself get through these last few weeks
May 02
20:25 2018

Everybody rejoice, for we have finally reached the end of another seemingly endless semester.

Unsurprisingly so, this semester has felt completely hectic in every possible way imaginable. For some reason, it’s felt even more hectic than usual, has it not?

Trust me, I know how much stuff is being put on all of us from the countless projects, exams, quizzes and essays we have. Those due dates are coming in like a speeding train, ready to run you right down without a second thought about the broke, starving and damaged college student under those tracks — secretly thanking whatever higher power above for taking away all of the responsibilities we had.

And don’t you dare forget about those dreaded finals on top of all of the other assignments coming in, readying their grasp to strangle whatever tiny shred of hope we have left in our malnourished bodies — only after we shoot down our next cup of coffee or Red Bull, of course.

Try not to run and hide, or cower in the corner just yet, but before you do, check out these wonderful steps that will help you tackle this last week head-on:


It sounds simple, but first of all, just relax. Yes, all those assignments seem to be closing in on you, and they probably are. Try to take a little bit of time out of your day to just calm down. Don’t let the deadlines get to you, or you really won’t be able to get any of them done. Lay down for a minute, make yourself a snack and watch a show on Netflix — but not for too long. Long naps happen more often than we would all like to admit to ourselves. Be them accidental or purposeful, do not fall asleep before finishing your work.

Plan ahead 

Plan everything out. I sure hope you have been using a planner all semester, because those things really are so helpful. Make sure your planner is all up to date, with the correct deadlines from your syllabus. Set specific dates and times to work on certain assignments, whatever those may be. Doing this will help you to focus on doing the best possible job you can on your assignments and relieve some of that overloaded feeling.

Do not procrastinate

My third and probably most important tip is making sure you do not cram everything in at the same time. Instead, spread everything out accordingly. You do not want to be doing all 17 different things on one day and only two on another day. Cramming will most likely result in less than desirable results on assignments, which will then result in less than desirable grades — not fun. It’s easier said than done in most cases, but try your hardest to not procrastinate. Procrastination is one of the most detrimental things ever, but yet it is such a common thing among students. However, if you try to actively avoid procrastination and get your stuff done in a timely manner, the results will certainly lean in your favor.

Now, take a deep breath, remain focused and you are sure to get the bomb GPA you deserve.

Featured Image: Illustration by Gabby Evans

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