Stop adapting video games into movies

Stop adapting video games into movies

Stop adapting video games into movies
April 16
19:16 2018

“Super Mario Brothers,” “Warcraft,” “Silent Hill,” “Mortal Kommbat” and “Assassin’s Creed.”

What do all of these properties have in common?

Obviously, they are extremely popular video games that have spanned sequels, prequels and even tie-ins. But, they are also movies adapted straight from their video game counterpart.

While the games of these certain properties are hugely popular and have garnered many positive reviews and quite a lot of money, the movies based off the video games have left quite a lot to be desired.

Not only have these movies not nearly made the amount of money they needed to to be deemed successful at the box office, the movies themselves just, unfortunately, are not good. Hardcore fans of these properties have been left in the dust due to seeing some of their favorite games being turned into mediocre, or even in some cases, just plain bad film adaptations.

Take for instance two video game adaptations in 2016 by the name of “Warcraft” and “Assassin’s Creed.” Both of these are wildly popular video game franchises, and they failed to make any sort of an impact when these films were released. Both of them had talented directors at the helm and a crop of equally talented actors in front of the camera. But, both of them flopped at the box office and were met with overwhelmingly negative reviews from critics and fans alike.

Video games are such an expansive medium full of interesting stories, characters and ideas. So, what’s the deal? Why do video game movies fail so often?

Sorry if this hurts some feelings, but maybe video games should just stay what they are in the first place: video games. I completely understand seeing something you love so much being represented on the big screen. It is awesome to see, no doubt. But, almost 100 percent of the time, a movie adapted from a video game just plain sucks. Maybe it is time to ultimately just stop trying and leave the video games to themselves. Let them flourish and thrive in the medium they were intended for.

Almost every video game to movie adaptation in the past few years have failed to make enough money at the box office, so why does Hollywood even keep trying to make them happen? Hollywood always complains about taking risks and then watching those risks they took fail. If adapting video games into movies are such a high risk, maybe it is time for them to heed their own advice and leave video games alone.

With the exception of this year’s “Tomb Raider,” video game movies have consistently failed not only in making money, but actively just being good movies. It is time to put down the script and the camera and pick up the controller instead and leave video games the way they already are.

Featured Image: Illustration by Gabby Evans

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Spencer Kain

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