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Texas may be on the path to recreational marijuana

Texas may be on the path to recreational marijuana

Texas may be on the path to recreational marijuana
September 20
14:37 2017

As every Texas resident is aware of, marijuana is illegal to possess, use, sell or produce in the state of Texas.

However, Texas just issued the first ever medical marijuana license to “Cansortium Texas” which will allow this company to sell, grow and process medical marijuana. The marijuana will be sold to patients with a specific, rare form of epilepsy.

This development could easily lead to a rapid growth of legal medical marijuana in the state of Texas. The path to recreational marijuana has seemingly always begun with the legalization of medical marijuana, just as Texas is doing.

States like Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington and a handful of others legalized the use and selling of medical marijuana, then eventually legalized the recreational use of marijuana. It starts with one or two licenses being administered to people or companies, much like in Texas, then it grows into even more people and companies receive licenses.

Then after a number of years pass, there seems to be a pattern among some states that have legalized medicinal marijuana that the legalization of recreational marijuana is sure to follow soon after.

Colorado has been a benchmark for marijuana legalization in the United States. After legalizing medicinal marijuana in 2000, the state legalized recreational use and sale of marijuana in 2014.

Oregon and California have followed in similar footsteps to Colorado with the legalization of medicinal marijuana, followed shortly by the legalization of recreational use of marijuana.

Because Texas is now following in the footsteps of these other states by legalizing the use of medicinal marijuana, this could eventually lead to the legalization of recreational use of marijuana in the state of Texas. It may take a significant number of years for it to be legalized recreationally, but the chances of it being legalized recreationally has a higher chance now than seemingly ever before.

The eight states that have legalized recreational marijuana are Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. Since they all started with medicinal use, this is why it almost seems as if Texas is going to follow in the footsteps of these states. Texas has taken the first step by legalizing it medicinally.

Texas is a state that many thought would never see marijuana be legal in any sense of the word. But times have changed, and it if history is any indicator Texas may become a marijuana-friendly state after all.

Featured illustration by Max Raign

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Spencer Kain

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  1. Joe
    Joe September 21, 14:59

    Let’s ignore how poorly written this piece is, and skip right to its illogical premise. Yes, eight states have legalized rec, and they had previously legalized medical. But that is out of 29 with legal medical systems (30 if you count Washington D.C.). So slightly more than 1 in 4 states with medical programs have made the switch to rec sales. What’s more, 7 of the 8 rec states had their medical programs in place for more than a decade before legalizing rec.

    So, “if history is any indicator” then Texas will not have recreational marijuana any time soon.

    Reply to this comment
    • Moe
      Moe October 24, 18:38

      Medical marijuana is just a good as it gives protection from being a criminal if you use it recreationally because all you have to do is get a MM referal. This is a good thing. It protects people.

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      • Christian pot supporter
        Christian pot supporter April 15, 01:09

        Yeah except it’s only available to those with a super rare form of epilepsy. And it’s a strain with extremely low THC levels essentially making it a cbd oil with a hard to obtain prescription.

        Reply to this comment
        • Rickster
          Rickster January 08, 22:32

          Hey most Christians get high. It helps them get closer to God.

          Reply to this comment
        • Jo
          Jo June 28, 08:52

          I hate that too. Edible THC is the only thing that eases my RA pain and I have to be a criminal to help myself!

          Reply to this comment
    • Markymark
      Markymark January 02, 08:54

      Literally you say this is poorly written when you just said 30 if you count dc. Washington DC is not a state. And also why are you so against marijuana? Have you tried it and had a bad experience? Or are you just one of those pricks who say it’s illegal I’ll never try something that harms me. Clearly weed does not harm people if it’s being used as a medical treatment. Also did you know alcohol, caffeine, and painkillers can all be purchased and abused as they have been in recent time. I pity you for your belief

      Reply to this comment
      • Daren
        Daren January 18, 20:51

        Strongly agree!!

        Reply to this comment
        • Vicki
          Vicki June 05, 21:47

          I agree 100% Texas is going to become legal,due to the advantage of health issues. Our representives,who supposely represent” We the People”. Not to mention taxes,health care,financial security

          Reply to this comment
          • joe
            joe January 16, 13:14

            It’s over 3 years later.

            When is your “representative” going to help people suffering?

            You’re just trying to keep people inside Texas, don’t tell people to hold out any hope for Texas being a reasonable place to live.

      • Golden
        Golden March 01, 20:46

        Strongly agree as well. Don’t gate on something that helps others while your quick to pop a pill and drink beer, and the hats way worse for you. Joe you should educate yourself.

        Reply to this comment
      • Sabino
        Sabino May 17, 15:02

        Very very true. Its been proven to heal cancer by government experiments all the way back to the 1950s. Do some research. It’s also been proven to heal diebetes, high blood pressure plus other ailments. That’s why there’s such a big fuss among the states because of its healing properties.

        Reply to this comment
      • Gozu
        Gozu July 13, 05:10

        Markymark, can you even read?

        Reply to this comment
      • Gozu
        Gozu July 13, 05:13

        Markymark, did you even read the comment you replied to?

        Reply to this comment
    • Ya boi
      Ya boi February 26, 17:00

      Someone get this uptight loser a sweet or something.

      Reply to this comment
    • Texas weed man
      Texas weed man March 18, 02:11

      Only thing poorly written, is your comment

      Reply to this comment
    • 2-¢ents
      2-¢ents December 23, 07:19

      … Defining time is a relative variable. But I believe as the TX border states come “online” with medical and recreational: NM, OK, AR, & LA; TX too will finally acknowledge that the majority of the voters want legalization by ‘seeing’ and /or tracking the Texans that will be making frequent trips to the state-lines! AND, if one reviews the statistics, it’s the older generation that was “educated” with “devil-weed” propaganda that are the majority of the “no”-voters. …and in “time” that generation will be gone.

      Reply to this comment
    • Rickster
      Rickster January 08, 22:35

      Don’t be so negative. People want legalized recreational Marijuana Texas now

      Reply to this comment
    • Arborcult
      Arborcult December 08, 02:51

      I think your wrong, Texas likes money, more than most states. And our economy is the shit, plus these fuckers smoke and the government knows it. This country is on a fast track and texas likes to keep up, the last states to legalize in my opinion will be the ones with no lottery. Furthermore I suspect texas will recreationalize prior to a more broad medical program, but good luck with your negativity!

      Reply to this comment
  2. Aldo Diaz
    Aldo Diaz September 24, 08:06

    State teps can vote to let us the people vote for marijuana legalization their are no citizen initiatives where a certain amount of signatures ate gathered to put a law changing question on the ballot like all the legal marijuana states have done. We need the approval of 2/3 state senators and congress members to allow us to vote on this. Medical thc kaws will pass first but when one person who is opposed is in charge of passing these bills for a full vote they procrastinate and levae the bill to be heard last so it dies before making it to a full vote. And with a jackass governor who is in a wheelchair and against thc medical marijuana texas cant pass anything untill hes gone.

    Reply to this comment
  3. Joekilla
    Joekilla September 28, 22:09

    Shut the fuck up joe

    Reply to this comment
  4. Vegas
    Vegas October 15, 09:44

    Nevada should be dark green on the map.

    Reply to this comment
  5. Jeff
    Jeff January 01, 21:50

    We can’t even get casino gambling legal here!!!

    If Texas actually legalizes pot for recreation..but won’t allow a Winstar to come here…then the Texas Legislature is stupider than I thought.

    Reply to this comment
  6. DakotaR
    DakotaR January 08, 13:57

    I live in Harris county, IN the state of “Texas”. I use marijuana every day for personal use to help me eat throughout the day sleep at night.
    I use different types for different types for symptoms for my person.

    Reply to this comment
  7. Mamo
    Mamo January 22, 20:54

    I am 66 years old and I suffer from severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. The doctor will me prescriptions for opioids, biologics. Steroids and anything else I ask. All the afformentioned are poison with severe long term consequences including death. I don’t understand why an herb with no known dangerous side effects is illegal in Texas.

    Reply to this comment
    • Robertpal9
      Robertpal9 January 27, 17:56

      You’re comment is the reason why marijuana being illegal is a major absurdity. Why is it people are forced poison as a means of slowing but, prolonging suffering. When they can have an actual cure or at least something to numb the pain that won’t lead to more suffering? Are the legislators just blind, ignorant, or bigoted ? I honestly can’t fathom why it’s illegal with all this IRREFUTABLE evidence for it’s benefits.

      Reply to this comment
    • Rose
      Rose June 04, 22:47

      I also have Rheumatoid and have been to Colorado and purchased an edible that took away alot of my pain instead of these pain meds I have been on for years that are shutting down my organs Vote every one and make your voice be heard

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  8. Kandy
    Kandy February 02, 00:53

    I say just legalize it already

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  9. Marijuana reform 2018
    Marijuana reform 2018 February 03, 15:21

    Look we will not stop until the reform in Texas is won I will fight no matter what the law or anyone says this is insanity it’s 2018 8 states are legal why are those who live in Texas and other states punished I should not have to leave my entire life behind and move across the country to treat my illness

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  10. ejwtex
    ejwtex February 09, 10:15

    Agreed, I have never heard of anyone over dosing on thc yet opiods kill people every day, Texas has to legalize this wonderful medicine. We would be a better society and people get much needed relief.

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  11. Wild bill
    Wild bill February 20, 10:35

    Joe needs a joint

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  12. Whitey
    Whitey February 27, 00:00

    I think that also if you look at all states that have it for recreational use. Need to look at the society as a whole and how you don’t see anything bad as means of crime! One day Texas will be there patience is a virtue and just the fact of the revenue it can bring to the state! Maybe they can turn the beaches in Texas to something more pleasant to look at!! Love my marijuana

    Reply to this comment
  13. MT
    MT March 24, 01:19

    Most of the states, if not all, legalized marijuana through a “citizens initiative process” essentially where their state AG approves a people’s vote. In Texas there is no such thing, we are completely reliant on our legislature to create legislation, which happens to be one of the least often meeting legislatures in the country at 1 legislative session every 2 years. We definitely need a new governor who is more prescient on the weed issue.

    Reply to this comment
  14. T Haze
    T Haze March 27, 09:00

    even if they don’t legalize it we are still gonna be getting high. I live in Gun Barrel City.

    Reply to this comment
  15. spacedude
    spacedude April 16, 21:35

    well texas will never legalize both no matter what because as long as we have people like abbot in office medical and recreational weed will never get the vote it need to legalize both

    Reply to this comment
  16. BassGuitarPlayer84
    BassGuitarPlayer84 May 03, 00:21

    Well I’ve heard some piss poor excuses for a drug policy in my life but Tx takes the cake. I’am from Maine and have smoked most of my life. Being diagnosed with depression,ptsd,adhd and anxiety disorders,I’ve been on many forms of prescription drugs since I was a 11. I can tell you for a fact THC works best for people with mental illness. It also works like a dream for folks with RA,Backpain,Migranes,PTSD,seizure disorders,insomnia,Cancer and the list goes on. I’m not going to sugarcoat what I say either, so I feel like people aren’t really only scratching the surface for why its illegal. Alcohol,Tobacco,Big Pharma,Private Prisons and Cartels are really keeping this amazing medicine illegal. That’s the beginning,middle and end. If pot is so bad, why do the states with legal pot have decreased numbers in opiate abuse. The state I have lived all my life has LEGAL heroin, called Methadone and other opiate based drugs which essentially turns folks into brain dead zombies. I’ve seen many a group of adults strung on the stuff pushing their kiddos in strollers along the most ghetto parts of Bangor Maine after their morning fix. God forbid you smoke a joint in front of a school though. Also people don’t hold up stores at knife/gun point to get a hit of pot. Opiates and in some cases Alcohol will though. Just because something is LEGAL….does that make it better? I mean Alcohol and Tobacco has been legal for decades and have killed more people than handguns,yet no one bats an eyelash over it in Tx for some insane reason. I stand for the legalization, not the mention all the benefits for the states infrastructure and tax revenue for god forbid….better healthcare? I know that’s an insane thought in 2018. I also used to be a very self destructive alcoholic and damn near killed myself drinking with friends because its LEGAL and socially acceptable. I’ve been on both sides of the argument being anti pot in high school until I actually smoked for the first time at age 15 and it changed my mind forever. Just some real truth and food for thought. I know I won’t change the mind of blowhards who lap up the snail trail of their state government.

    Reply to this comment
  17. Kushly
    Kushly May 10, 01:20

    Just legalize already good people are being locked up for stupid reasoning. Marijuana helps more people than those with rare diseases. Never in recorded history had marijuana ever killed someone. The amount of alcohol sales and use in Texas is extremely high even for minors.

    Reply to this comment
    • Debbie
      Debbie July 16, 15:59

      Your right what about the prescription drugs they need to get rid of those so many people re hooked on it and its hard to get off of it. And alot of younger adults are od ing on them so legalize marijuana and make it recreational

      Reply to this comment
  18. wdbig48
    wdbig48 May 14, 17:08

    alcohol killing people > pills,cocaine,heroin destroying lives and don’t see marijuana doing that worst thing catching the munchies or getting a good laugh out so fire up one and chill out !!

    Reply to this comment
  19. Gravin Morehead
    Gravin Morehead May 23, 03:19

    Do you really think a bunch of lawyers ,and keep in mind that our lawmakers are mostly lawyers are going to cut their money making scam of defending us in court and the police don’t really want to confront any real criminals and add to this their ability to take your money and your auto it’s going to be tuff to get it done but don’t give up

    Reply to this comment
  20. Belle
    Belle June 27, 00:40

    In my opinion its already 2018, and i think cannabis should be legalized in most of the country right now. Not only for giving them what they want but the cannabis help us in our daily routine. No wonder why many people allow marijuana to be legalized. And as i read here that most of the country used marijuana in medical purpose, they also used CBD oil and they used it as an ingredients to the food. So why marijuana cant be legalized?

    Reply to this comment
    • Buckshot62
      Buckshot62 July 18, 06:04

      It needs to be legal , it’s better for you to treat pain , anything man made isn’t good for you, like all these pills doctors prescribe

      Reply to this comment
  21. Buckshot
    Buckshot July 18, 06:01

    It has more benefits than all these pills that doctors are shoving down our throats , anything man made is usually not good for you at all, please legalize it please!!!!

    Reply to this comment
  22. Marijuana Seeds Bank
    Marijuana Seeds Bank July 30, 03:47

    Legalizing Marijuana is the right and the best thing do.
    Marijuana Seeds Bank

    Reply to this comment
  23. David Poole
    David Poole August 05, 12:27

    Marijuana is the best thing since sliced bread for Texas. The tax alone can help with education, roads and bridges and could help our cities to build business and bring more jobs for our towns to grow and people to have a job that they could raise a family on or be able to buy a house. I don’t understand what our Congress is waiting on when they can see the evidence what marijuana has done for 30 states and why 62% are in favor of recreational use and 92% of Texans want medicinal pot as well. Get it done Help our state to keep its greatness!!

    Reply to this comment
  24. Addiction Killer
    Addiction Killer September 14, 02:01

    this is such a great post, thank you sharing with us

    Reply to this comment
  25. db
    db November 24, 04:22

    I have two thoughts regarding this issue. I would prefer regulation and taxation of marijuana to broadly eliminate cartel drug profits. Secondly, no substance is used responsibly by all people all the time. That in itself is not a reasonable basis to deny general, rational access. We spend huge sums of money on current law enforcement and incarceration without substantial effect except the hardships that attach and follow. I don’t hear any great outcry from states that have moved forward in medical and recreational use. Texas polls don’t illustrate general public opposition to reform. I have PTSD, I would like to see some reform based on the histories of other states. There should be plenty of that by now.

    Reply to this comment
  26. Steph
    Steph March 14, 19:31

    Texas is full of Republicans. They live for political issues like this because other than taxes and abortion they don’t have any others. It’s just a political leverage issue to them it doesn’t matter what the benefit the only benefit that counts to them is how many votes it can get them from their base.

    Reply to this comment
  27. Chronic Pain Suffer
    Chronic Pain Suffer May 18, 12:24

    How much is Texas making off of Big Pharma? That is what Texas wants to know. They are only going to legalize for people with seizures let’s not forget the millions that suffer daily from chronic pain and are stuck taking toxins just so we can have some what of a life and raise our children the best we can while in pain, brain fog from the pain and less we forget when the pain medication doesn’t work on some days and we are stuck in bed having to explain to our children the pain is unbearable. I see it as Texas doesn’t care about the millions dealing with that daily nor do they care that we are stuck filling our body’s with toxins that cause more health problems. I say is they don’t legalize it for these people as well then they should pay for our health care and medications (toxins) because they refuse to legalize a plant that helps so many with many different illnesses. If they really want to make something illegal that is dangerous it should be alcohol it kill hundreds daily. Like I said in the beginning, how much is Big Pharma paying Texas? That is something Texas as a whole should know.

    Reply to this comment
  28. wish_i_could_move
    wish_i_could_move December 20, 16:14

    It’s been 2 years and Texas has not legalized.

    The concept of legalization is still extremely unpopular by voters and it’s never going to get better.

    Mark my words, USA will legalize and texas will remain illegal.

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  29. cbd dog treats
    cbd dog treats September 28, 17:27

    This is phenomenal! Industry know-how really helps the group grow as a whole!

    Reply to this comment

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