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The Dose: ‘Happy Death Day’ is predictable but fun

The Dose: ‘Happy Death Day’ is predictable but fun

The Dose: ‘Happy Death Day’ is predictable but fun
October 16
21:27 2017

Happy Death Day is October’s newest PG-13 horror film trying to capitalize on Halloween scares. It’s expected for a lot of horror films to come out around this time every year, and to say most are forgettable is an understatement.

The newest teen fright fest, Happy Death Day, has more up its sleeve than you might think.

What the film does well is it that it mixes two different genres of film together to try and make a familiar premise feel fresh. The idea of someone reliving the same day over and over again is one that has been seen many times in countless other films, but it feels somewhat fresh in this film thanks to its slasher, dark feel.

It may be labeled as a horror film, but I almost saw it as a comedy film with bits of horror added into the mix. There are not any scenes that will make you jump, and you definitely will not lose any sleep over it, but there are some scenes that contain some well executed tension to make you feel unnerved.

Don’t go in expecting a terrifying film because this film is not that. But, I was very pleasantly surprised about how many times I laughed during it. Most of the jokes land, and they were all timed just right in a way where they never felt forced.

The thing that steals the whole movie is actually its lead performance in newcomer Jessica Rothe. She carries the weight of the entire film on her shoulders, and she owns every scene she is in — which is thankfully just about every single scene of the film. I started out disliking her character, but just as she grows throughout the film, I went along with her. She certainly redeemed herself at the end. Rothe hopefully has a very bright career ahead of her because I want to see her in many more films.

Unfortunately, the drawback to the film is that it is very predictable in many parts. There were many times where I guessed what was going to happen in the very next scene and was right. I also guessed who the killer was very early on in the film, and that took away a bit of the fun in wondering who it would be and hoping I would be surprised when the revelation came.

Happy Death Day definitely has its flaws and is certainly nothing in the vein of a groundbreaking film, but for a fun watch with friends this Halloween season you could do a lot worse.

Featured Image: Happy Death Day. Universal Pictures

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  1. Gpa
    Gpa October 18, 10:11

    I won’t be viewing this film since I’m an old crock and have seen enough real-life horror but I definitely like the review and in particular the young man that wrote it. How fun to see you with a byline. Gpa

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