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The Dose: The best scenes from the new ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ trailer

The Dose: The best scenes from the new ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ trailer

The Dose: The best scenes from the new ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ trailer
March 04
20:42 2015

Nicholas Friedman / Features Editor & Akshay Mirchandani / Sports Editor

Earlier today, Marvel Studios revealed the third trailer for its upcoming multi-superhero blockbuster, “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” The trailer, which was released to the public after a Twitter campaign urging folks to help the “#AvengersAssemble” reached critical mass. The trailer features shots pulled almost literally from a comic book as Iron Man, Captain America and more take on the armies of super-intelligent, computer-brain, cyborg-man Ultron.

We broke down the trailer and decided what we thought was good, great and freaking awesome.

Ultron’s abandoned throne room (0:14)

NF: Very, very eerie. I think that a lot of people were very hesitant about James Spader’s voice until a moment like this, when they can see his abilities. You almost don’t think he is a manipulative killer artificial intelligence in the beginning here.

AM: I was in on Spader as Ultron from the very first trailer, which started with him saying, “I’m going to show you something beautiful.” He sounds cold, he sounds calculating and just plain creepy. There is a lot to look forward to in this movie, but I think Spader as Ultron will be among the best things in the film. Plus, we may have finally found a Marvel villain who’s better than Loki.

NF: So this looks like where he brings Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch after breaking them out of the Hydra compound.

The wide shot of Avengers tower (0:40)

FcETx6G - Imgur

NF: Finally, after countless teases we have Avengers tower. I guess since the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. in “Winter Soldier” that Stark has been busy giving the Avengers a home base. It’s just nice to finally see it.

AM: I can’t wait for the Avengers tower party session that has been teased in previous trailers. It’ll be interesting to see if the inside is any different than the first movie. At the end of the first “Avengers,” we saw Tony Stark mapping out new schematics for the tower, with spaces for each Avenger. I’d love to get a look at that.

Stark repents for his sins with Banner (0:41-0:50)

AM: So if it wasn’t obvious enough from the first few trailers, Tony Stark creates Ultron as opposed to Hank Pym/Ant-Man in the comics. Clearly, it goes wrong and Stark feels terrible about the whole thing. His goal was to create a “suit of armor” around the world, but he creates something that could destroy it. This is fascinating, especially after the events of “Iron Man 3.” I’m sure his fellow Avengers won’t be happy (we’ve seen Thor choking him in this trailer and others), and it will plant the seeds for “Captain America: Civil War” and other future Marvel movies.

NF: I think that’s a big theme we’ll see as the Avengers start to take sides. Obviously trust is very limited in the MCU after the events of Cap 2, but with “Civil War” on the horizon, Cap is going to get fed up with Tony Stark trying to play pretty boy inventor. I don’t think anyone will be getting shawarma after this movie.

Hulk and Black Widow start getting cozy (1:01)

NF: Personally, I’m very sad about this, so I’m hoping this is after one of them is indoctrinated by Scarlet Witch. Black Widow and Hawkeye haven’t had their time to shine yet, and I think a serious romance between Hulk and Widow would bloat and already plot-bloated film.

AM: I’m actually more cool with this than I thought I’d be. Black Widow and Hulk’s relationship was one of the more interesting parts of the first movie. Widow recruiting Hulk to the Avengers, and that sequence where she was trying to prevent him from “Hulking out” in the Helicarrier were great scenes. I like that we’re getting to explore this relationship even further.

The “every Avenger leaping together in the snow” shot (1:09)

rXWIMJX - Imgur


AM: Good lord this scene was amazing and I can’t wait to see it on the big screen. It literally looks like it comes straight out of a comic book. I think this is going to come in the first part of the movie. From rumors, it sounds like the movie will open with the Avengers striking on Baron von Strucker’s Hydra facility. Whatever the case, please give me more shots like this one.

NF: Was it just me or was this scene in slow motion? Either way, the standout for me in this shot was Hawkeye, who seems to be getting a much bigger focus in this film. After all, they did hire Jeremy Renner for the part, and they need to have him show off his skills.

Tony grabs Loki’s scepter (1:15)

AM: Loki’s scepter played a big role in the first Avengers, and it looks like it’ll be even more important here. We saw Black Widow look at in one of the earlier trailers, and now we have Stark angrily grabbing it. The question is, what’s its role in this film? It is actually an Infinity Stone, like the Tesseract or the Aether? Could Stark have used it to help create Ultron?

NF: I think what we may be looking at is either Ultron controlling Stark so he can use the Scepter (maybe since Ultron is A.I. he can’t?) or Stark is looking at last resorts to beat Ultron. We’re going to see Stark painted as a villain in one way or another by the end of this movie, it’s just a matter of when and how.

The Hulkbuster gets thrashed; Scarlet Witch uses magic (1:36-1:39)

NF: Nothing says “good action scene” more than Hulk beating the metal out of a Stark counter-creation. I don’t have too many words for this scene, but it looks like Hulk (or Iron Man) might be controlled by Scarlet Witch, which looks to be what she’s doing to Black Widow as well.

AM: The Hulkbuster vs. Hulk has to be the most anticipated sequence of this movie, right? It is for me at least. It seemed this trailer was also different from the previous ones in that it’s Hulk smashing Iron Man. In the others, it seemed like Iron Man was absolutely crushing him.

“IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO!?” – Thor Odinson, 2015 (1:46)

NF: One of my personal favorite moments in this trailer. I think Thor has been very overshadowed, even in his own films, and this loud guy is who he is supposed to be. He is a God whose calls echo through realms, so let’s let the badass be a badass.

AM: One of my favorite parts of this trailer was the amount of awesome lines. Black Widow’s crack about always cleaning up after the boys and Captain America saying he’s “got no plans tomorrow night” after Stark suggesting not everyone would make it were great. But Thor’s was the best. Also, Ultron’s evil chuckle after Thor’s challenge? Chills, man.

The excellent, top-down shot of everyone fighting together (1:54)

7KJ8DVR - Imgur

NF: Another one of my favorite shots from the trailer, as I was a big proponent of the scene in the first film where everyone gathered in New York. This kind of stuff looks like it was pulled straight from a comic page, and Whedon is just swell for putting stuff like this in there. You also get a feeling of helplessness from this scene as everyone gets overwhelmed by Ultron drones, even Hulk.

AM: I really, really hope this is a glimpse of the final battle sequence. If it, then wow is it going to be epic. If it isn’t, then I can only imagine what it’s going to be like. Scenes like this remind me why I’m going to spend way more money than I should to see this thing in Imax.

The Vision awakens (2:01-2:03)

NF: This is the good stuff, Marvel. This is what reminds me as to why we got a movie with a talking raccoon voiced by Bradley Cooper. The fanservice is an extra layer that makes these films great, and I think that’s what this Vision tease was. Is it JARVIS? It’s certainly Paul Bettany. Either way, I cannot wait until May 1.

AM: Before this happened, I thought the trailer was over and was in a fanboy daze. Then it happened, and my jaw fell to the floor. Getting our first look at the Vision was certainly worth months of anticipation. My theory is that the MCU version of Vision is basically JARVIS in a body. But who knows? Whatever the case, God bless Marvel.

Photos courtesy of Marvel Studios and Marvel Entertainment. Featured image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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