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The Dose: The Top 10 Most Underrated Super Smash Bros. Characters

The Dose: The Top 10 Most Underrated Super Smash Bros. Characters

The Dose: The Top 10 Most Underrated Super Smash Bros. Characters
April 06
11:32 2015

Matthew Payne / Staff Writer

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U have both been out for just over four months now, and with time for the dust to start settling over the cases on our shelves, we’ve had time to acclimate ourselves to the variety of different styles that the roster of over 50 fighters has to offer.

With the Nintendo Direct this past April Fool’s Day, fans received a plethora of news regarding new Nintendo games like Splatoon, a Shin Megami Tensei/Fire Emblem crossover, and others. Fans also received the most thorough look at veteran fighter Mewtwo yet, along with a trailer announcing veteran fighter Lucas as a shocking surprise.

In the meantime, before these two fighters are released, the current Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U roster has plenty of great characters at the player’s disposal, and here are some of the most overlooked characters who happen to pack an unsung punch.

#10 Ganondorf


Although the usual antagonist of the Legend of Zelda franchise doesn’t have much to offer in the way of speed, there’s no denying that Ganondorf is one of the devastatingly powerful characters on the entire roster.

Ganondorf’s side-special Flame Choke can be used to crash opponents from the air onto the battlefield and ricochet them airborne again, and his down special Wizard’s Foot – if timed correctly – compensates for his lack of speed and delivers a quick 10 to 12 percent damage on the ground to unaware opponents.

Not to mention that all of Ganondorf’s aerials and smash attacks have the potential to wipe away a stock when an opponent is past only a mere 30 percent damage.

#9 Dark Pit


Widely criticized as an unnecessary clone character to Pit, Dark Pit is actually considerably stronger and more aggressive compared to his lighter, prepubescent counterpart, making a veritable – if not edgy – name for himself.

Dark Pit’s neutral-special Silver Bow racks up damage quicker the longer you charge it compared to Pit, and can be aimed directly in a horizontal, diagonal, or vertical orientation.

Also, his side-special Electroshock Arm has a wider hit-box than Pit’s Upperdash Arm, and can dish out higher percentages on top of deflecting projectiles.

#8 Bowser Jr.


Newcomer Bowser Jr. has several fun toys with which he can annoy and devastate opponents to no end with. His down-special Mechakoopa deals damage if made contact with while crossing the stage, can act as a projectile and be thrown at opponents to make them vulnerable for a frame, and can even knock out opponests past the appropriate percentage after it explodes.

The clown car Bowser Jr. rides acts as a lethal threat and even serves as his recovery. Field dominance is easily established whenever you skid and collide into opponents with Jr.’s side special. On top of that, when Bowser Jr. up-specials out of his cart, not only he deal a quick 15 percent damage with his hammer aerial, but if you happen to be under the clown car whenever he launches, you’ll likely be catapulted across the battlefield if you don’t block it correctly.

Don’t let the churlish grin painted across it fool you – the devilish Car should always be considered when fighting Bowser Jr.

#7 Mr. Game & Watch


Appearing somewhat underwhelming beneath the shadows of the beautiful, three-dimensional models of his counterparts, veteran fighter Game & Watch, who harks all the way back to the good old days of Melee, can stack percentages quickly to the unaware by virtue of how disturbing his movement may appear to some players.

Playing G&W effectively requires near frame-by-frame perfection in order to fuddle enemies. His neutral-special Chef attack has the capability of stopping neutral attacks and tilts, and once opponents decide to charge head-on at G&W, he has the opportunity to charge his forward smash Torch or Helmet attack, which slaps an easy 20 percent onto most fighters.

There also aren’t many other attacks more satisfying to land than rolling a 9 on Mr. Game & Watch’s infamous Judge attack and sending enemies packing.

#6 Wii Fit Trainer


Perhaps the most unique and surprising addition to the Super Smash Bros line-up, Wii Fit Trainer’s tall model and nimble movement translates into wide hit-boxes and and continuous jab-attacks that make for studio-perfect maneuvering. Wii Fit Trainer can multiply percentage with her attack range and reach onto stocks as fast as she can burn calories.

Her neutral-special Sun Salutation effectively makes her a more mobile Lucario with the capability of blasting fighters into oblivion, and if players catch on to the projectile and a game of chicken ensues, WFT has a far enough reach to pull a powerful forward and down-tilt to enemies approaching in a dash.

#5 Duck Hunt


Maybe due to the age of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System’s dog character, Duck Hunt doesn’t garner nearly enough credit for how annoying he can be with his signature camping style in tandem with a myriad of exploding projectiles.

Because Duck Hunt takes a specific knowledge on how to use his lethal and overwhelming projectiles, he is often overlooked by intimidated newcomers.

Once adopted, Duck Hunt is the epitome of fighting-genre obnoxiousness in video games. Players can stagger projectiles with Duck Hunt’s neutral-special and side-special Trick Shot Can attack and Clay Shooting attack respectively, sometimes making it nigh impossible to even think about petting cute little Duck Hunt.

If a fighter is able to wade through Duck Hunt’s wall of projectiles, he has a dangerous array of grab-and-throws and forward smashes with his Zapper attack, which supports his close combat game in a scuff.

#4 Zelda


The princess of Hyrule has faired just fine even after the character split between her and Sheik this generation of Super Smash Bros., gaining considerably more beefy neutral attacking power and more diverse special attacks.

Zelda has the privilege of extended mobility thanks to her up-special Farore’s Wind move, which can warp her past projectiles and from deeply off of the battlefield to the edge in a jiffy.

She is also defensive in light that her neutral-special Nayru’s Love can deflect attacks and trap opponents in a spiraling wave of 5 percent attacks that stagger. Zelda is a veritable balance of attack power and defensive prowess.

#3 Villager


Villager from the Animal Crossing franchise has proven, after years of watching his peers in the background of the Town and City stage of Super Smash Bros., that he can make a match go 0-100 real quick with his endless inventory of domestic tools of destruction that rest in his pockets which bend the laws of physics themselves.

Villager’s aerials are shockingly strong and all have the potential to spike a character off the field of play. Recovering out of these, Villager soars with the longest lasting up special in the game.

The forward and up smashes he possesses have great range to fend off hits to his small stature, as well, and his down smash Shovel attack grounds characters and leaves them to the mercy of Villager’s palate.

Also, projectiles of enemies are Villager’s playthings with his neutral-special Pocket. Send them back with twice the firepower.

#2 Wario


Wario has it all: a hefty weight that translates into respectable stamina to prevent early KOs, hard-hitting range of physical attacks that deal anywhere from 10 percent to 26 percent damage on contact, and high speed and great recovery thanks to his side-special Wario Bike attack that vectors him across the battlefield and away from potential threats.

With the right framing and shielding prowess, Wario has an easy time establishing ground dominance, mainly due to the tilting wheelies and maneuverable speed of his Wario Bike. When off of his bike, his air-game is top-notch thanks to his up-tilt and up-aerial. A great combination to dish out frustrating juggling.

#1 Ness


Ahh, Ness. One of the original 12 playable characters in Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 64, and a character with a long track record of disappointment compared to other playable players.

This is not the case in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Watch out, Lucas. You may have come out of nowhere, but with his own array of stifling projectiles, fantastic air-game, and devastatingly powerful physical onslaughts, Ness isn’t going to give away his spot as one of the most underrated fighters on the Super Smash Bros. roster so easily.

Ness is quick, which results in a profound ability to unceremoniously spot-dodge past all your offensive tactics, pivot grab you, and send you flying. He can short hop into aerial attacks just as well as he can jump high enough to up aerial you past the ceiling of the battlefield, completely making opponents the subjects of juggling.

Zone characters effectively with a side special PK Fire, and if you are close enough/scoot ever so close enough, pull out your bat for a smash attack that has potential to KO most characters past 40 percent damage.

Ness is a calm and quiet threat to the Super Smash Bros. metagame. Many people shy away from him due to his unorthodox up special PK Thunder, but even the roundabout method of offstage recovery is a threatening tool for Ness – once the manipulation of Ness’ PK Thunder ball is mastered, try crashing into your opponents by hitting yourself with your PK Thunder, and enjoy a dramatic stock elimination that is so common for veteran fighter Ness.

Mewtwo will be released this month for DLC purchase on April 28th (and on April 15 for those who registered both the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game on Club Nintendo before March 31st). Lucas will be available this June with a date still pending.

All characters discussed in this article are available in-game today, so why not bench your Diddy Kong or Zero Suit Samus and pick up somebody absolutely smashing.

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