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The Dose: Top 10 April Fool’s Day movies

The Dose: Top 10 April Fool’s Day movies

The Dose: Top 10 April Fool’s Day movies
April 01
12:20 2015

Nicholas Friedman / Features Editor

April Fool’s is a time for very poorly-timed pranks and convincing people of ridiculous things because they forget what day it is. The dread of today was very real growing up, but as we get older we realize that we can just stay at home and watch movies all day. So, in celebration of this wonderful holiday, here are some stellar comedies to alleviate the disdain for fake poo and shock pens.

10. Mars Attacks

An all-star cast. Blistering action. Aliens. What more could you want? Tim Burton’s “Mars Attacks” is a special kind of movie because it is absolutely terrible, as most films on this list are, but it is a wonderful and kind type of terrible.

“Mars Attacks” is essentially a film where aliens vaporize or attempt to vaporize every living thing on the planet, and they succeed for the most part. The effects are what really stand out though, because they are composed of extremely poor computer-generated graphics. Absolutely laughable, but hey, that’s the point.

Also, video games save the day in the most ridiculous and shoehorned way possible. It’s great.

9. Just Friends

Didn’t expect to see this here, huh? Before Ryan Reynolds really had an acting career, he was Van Wilder, an alpha male with an affinity for toga parties. But here, Reynolds played Chris Brander, the best friend of a girl he was effortlessly in love with in high school, but she never saw him that way.

The film takes place a few years after an embarrassing bout at a party where Brander confesses his love for Amy Smart’s Jamie and he is made out a fool by everyone there. Now, Brander has a top tier job, money and looks, and he is visiting his hometown for the holidays. He then makes his final play to get the girl.

Also, Chris Klein plays an insufferable psychopath who plays acoustic guitar for all of the girls he meets. It’s really bad.

8. Evolution

I always try to bring up this movie at parties and no one seems to know what I’m talking about. Evolution is about a meteor that crashes on Earth and starts spreading extra-terrestrial life throughout until a full-scale transformation of different species occur. In what is essentially a horror-comedy, the team of scientists comprised mostly of comedians try to take down the big bads and save the day.

The creatures are pretty terrifying, but Sean William Scott is in this so how scary could it really be?

7. Old School

This movie was very important to the early-00s, laying the groundwork for so many different movies to come after it, but nothing of the sort ever really came close to “Old School.” Will Ferrell is at his best here, with just the right amount of sloppiness and inappropriate humor, and Luke Wilson and Vince Vaughn just add to the hysteria.

Ferrell getting tranquilized, the wedding scene and “You’re my boy, Blue” bled into pop culture and didn’t let go. Do yourself a favor and watch this today.

6. Grandma’s Boy

“Grandma’s Boy” really shouldn’t be as funny as it is. There’s weird, out of place stoner humor, man-children and Great Value brand video games, but it’s great.

The mid-30s main character moves in with his grandma after getting evicted and has to deal with getting his life back together while working his ever-demanding job as a video game tester. He gets his own game made, gets the girl and still lives with grandma. A very touching story.

5. Eurotrip

“Eurotrip” is a coming-of-age story. Actually, it’s the story that will convince you to study abroad so you can get drunk on Absinthe at a dive in Amsterdam and see a small, floating fairy that looks oddly like Danny DeVito.

Most of the characters in the film didn’t really go on to lead promising careers, but Michelle Trachtenberg did and she’s a riot in this. It’s completely unrealistic, but sometimes it’s nice to watch Matt Damon sing at a high school graduation party.

4. Shaun of the Dead

“Shaun of the Dead” isn’t as much a comedy as it is a social commentary on acceptance of the average joe. I won’t bore on with that, but this movie is wonderfully crafted by the gifted Edgar Wright, who makes sure the zombies are the least important part of the film.

Full of dry, intelligent humor, Shaun of the Dead keeps you reeled ever close through every second, and you’ll be quoting it for years to come.

3. Idiocracy

Speaking of social commentary, “Idiocracy” is a premonition of the future where a company similar to Gatorade has taken over literally everything and Terry Crews is president. Actually, that doesn’t sound too bad. He’s a rad dude.

Idiocracy is hilariously stupid, but that’s the point. It dumbs down even the simplest of concepts to get its point across, and hides a pretty well-crafted narrative full of love, trust and being unstuck in time.

2. Clerks II

“Clerks II” is one of those films that has no right to be as good as it is. It’s a sequel to a comedy that had a budget of five whole dollars, probably. It’s about lame guys working the food industry and talking about their average lives and what not, but it’s the magic that’s hidden there that makes it so wonderful.

Kevin Smith’s genius once again brings Jay and Silent Bob into the fold of arguably their most prominent roles ever, and you’ll care for each of these disgusting characters. You’ll be quoting this too, but most are too vulgar to spoil.

1. The Happening / The Last Airbender / Transformers 4 Triple Feature

April Fool’s. Seriously, do not watch any of these three movies. They are really good.

…and if TV is your thing, check out: “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “Community,” “Arrested Development” (Seasons 1-3) and “Parks and Recreation.”

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