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The Dose: Top 10 Snow Day movies and how you can watch them

The Dose: Top 10 Snow Day movies and how you can watch them

The Dose: Top 10 Snow Day movies and how you can watch them
February 27
11:22 2015

The Editorial Board

Well, school is closed today, and now you’re probably at home wondering what you can stream to fill out the rest of the day. Well, look no further. Get off of Twitter, stop freaking out about the llamas dressed in black and blue (heh) and check out our list of the top 10 snow day movies you should be watching.

10. Snow Dogs

Starring the at the time wonderfully hilarious Cuba Gooding Jr., this race against the odds is a lighthearted family film sure to make any snow day inspiring. The dogs don’t particular get along at first, but Gooding Jr. and his sledding skills bring them all together.

Edward: “Thought I thought it was hilarious because I was 12 when I saw it.”

Caitlyn: “The only reason I would ever move to Alaska is because of sled dogs. Any movie with dogs is a great movie, except for ‘Cujo’.”

Where to watch: iTunes: $3.99 to rent

9. The Thing (1982)

Maybe horror movies are your thing and you really want to see a shapeshifting monster pick off unsuspecting scientists. The Thing, in its original form, is a gloriously terrifying horror flick that takes aim at all that we find horrible. And it all takes place in Antarctica. It’s a really great film.

Nicholas: “This movie is why I have trust issues.”

Rhiannon: “I’m convinced when people throw out that tired line about horror movies all relying on gore and ‘where’s the real suspense?’ They’re pining for something like The Thing.”

Where to watch: iTunes: $3.99 to rent

8. Balto

In an animated film much like Snow Dogs, just without Cuba Gooding Jr., Balto leads his sled dog team through the final leg of a race against time through the snow. Based on the events of the 1925 serum run to Nome, where antitoxin had to be transported across Alaska in order to fight a deadly disease, this sometimes sad but ultimately heartwarming tale is perfect for a day at home.

Caitlyn: “Balto saved Alaska from a diphtheria epidemic. He’s a national hero. What did that Westminster Kennel Club-winning Beagle ever do?”

Nicholas: “This movie helped me regain my ability to trust.”

Where to watch: iTunes: $3.99 to rent

7. The Day After Tomorrow

This movie has got it all: Jake Gyllenhaal, a worldwide superstorm with apocalyptic consequences, and a suspense-inducing almost-drowning scene. If you want your snow day to be full of cinematic disaster, look no further than Rolland Emmerich’s “The Day After Tomorrow.” In all seriousness, we all secretly hope for a snow storm this bad because we would have Eagle Alerts for days.

Caitlyn: “You mean the futuristic documentary about the long-term effects of climate change?”

Hannah: “‘The Day After Tomorrow’ is a good one, but sounds like a recipe for paranoia on days like this.”

Where to watch: Amazon: $3.99 to rent

6. The Grey

Liam Neeson once again is in life-threatening circumstances, but this is no mere assassin that’s after his life. It’s an entire pack of wolves! Follow Liam on his journey through the wilderness in this surprisingly emotional and very. very graphic survival experience. There is tons of snow in this though.

Caitlyn: “Damn. Liam Neeson can’t catch a break. Between missing daughters and rabid wolves, the man can’t get a lick of sleep.”

Where to watch: Netflix Instant Streaming; iTunes: $3.99 to rent

5. Frozen

Featuring the wonderful musical styling of Adele Dazeem, Frozen tells the story of a kingdom thrown into chaos by the uncontrollable powers of Queen Elsa, who goes into hiding to better understand her gift. I won’t spoil anything else, but you’ve probably already seen this movie. Watch it again.

Rhiannon: “Shout out to Disney’s first actual monarch who gets things done. I could totally understand being burned out on it by now though.”

Caitlyn: “Idina Menzel is a goddess and no mispronunciation or face-touching by John Travolta will change that. Elsa forever!”

Where to watch: It seems that iTunes only allows you to buy this one for $20. Oh well, you probably have it already.

4. Cool Runnings

Slightly based on the story of the 1988 Olympic Bobsled team from Jamaica, “Cool Running” is a film for the ages. Some members of the team have never even been in a bobsled, but they overcome the obstacles and end up becoming heroes. I won’t spoil what happens.

Nicholas: “‘Cool Runnings’ is just a flat out great film. Hilarious.”

Caitlyn: “Makes me wish I had their problem right now of no snow in Jamaica.”

Where to watch: Netflix Instant Streaming

3. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

The second film in the original “Star Wars” trilogy finds the group on the planet Hoth, completely covered in snow. There are giant robotic walking machines called AT-ATs, weird duck-bear creatures called TaunTauns, and Luke gets captured by a snow beast. Also, it’s often regarded as one of, if not the best of the “Star Wars” films.

Nicholas: “This is one where they have to cut the TaunTaun open. Masterful filmmaking.”

Where to watch: To be honest, it’s probably on TV right now.

2. Anastasia

Anastasia tells the story of a royal Russian girl who loses her memory and has to find her way back to her family. Extremely loosely based on the story of the real-life Anastasia, but she was killed. There’s snow in this movie.

Caitlyn: “Anastasia is the only movie that makes young girls wish they were poor Russian orphans. There’s also a cute dog and a bat that gets his own sequel. ‘Nuff said.”

Rhiannon: “Do not show to your European history major friends.”

Hannah: “Also Dimitri was my first crush ever.”

Where to watch: Netflix Instant Streaming

1. Snow Day

Ah, “Snow Day,” the ultimate snow day film. Watch as a group of kids try to disarm a snow plow in attempts to keep their school closed for longer. In all honesty, the snow would probably have melted eventually anyway. Chevy Chase is in this, and so is Josh Peck, so it’s definitely a much watch. Tons of snow.

Rhiannon: “Oh my god Snow Day. Yes, absolutely would recommend.”

Caitlyn: “It’s horrible. It gives kids an unrealistic expectation of what happens on snow days. A film full of lies.”

Where to watch: iTunes: $3.99 to rent

Honorable mentions (they don’t include copious amounts of snow, but you should watch them anyway): The “Harry Potter” films, The Marvel Cinematic Universe (“Iron Man,” “Captain America,” “The Avengers”) and “Almost Famous.”

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