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The original ‘Love Island’ will always be better than its spin-offs

The original ‘Love Island’ will always be better than its spin-offs

The original ‘Love Island’ will always be better than its spin-offs
September 22
13:12 2020

Guilty pleasure or not, there is no denying reality television has an odd way of bringing people together. Yes, there’s no actual creativity or deeper meaning attributed to these shows but the entertainment and pop culture moments they provide are undeniably top tier. Being able to disconnect from reality and become emotionally invested in people and their drama may not be the most productive use of time but it sure is fun and ‘Love Island’ sure is that show.

‘Love Island’ in all its real and raunchy glory has proved that sometimes we just need a break from real life. With two spin-offs airing in Australia and the United States, nothing quite compares to the original. The last summer season aired in England in 2019 with a record-breaking 3.3 million live viewers. Which for the network, ‘ITV2’, was their highest-viewed opening episode ever. In the era of streaming platforms, this number is quite impressive for a television network.

Emerging from the U.K., ‘Love Island’ has become a worldwide phenomenon. The show consists of a bunch of 20-somethings in a house attempting to find love for a cash prize of $100,000. Add sexy newcomers and some flirty games and the drama is nothing short of addicting. The show airs an episode every day for 2 to 3 months and has become an addition to the daily routine of many British people young and old.

When contestants leave the villa and the show is done, they are greeted with hundreds of thousands of new Instagram followers and huge sponsorships. Fan favorites essentially become celebrities and typically quit their working-class jobs to become influencers and brand ambassadors.

With the overwhelming success of the show, producers decided to branch out to start ‘Love Island: Australia’ and most recently ‘Love Island: U.S.A.’ to let viewers indulge in the show from their respective countries. The differences between the three are quite interesting and provide an insight as to what dating culture is like in these 3 very different countries.

Whether it be cultural differences or the way the show has changed over the past few years the American version just does not provide the same level of entertainment as the original. Part of the reason could be the differences in American and British culture and how they are portrayed throughout the show.

Firstly, the accents. It is true that everything sounds better when it’s said with a British accent. Although it might be harder to understand at times what exactly the contestants are saying, that’s what subtitles are for. The slang also deserves an honorable mention. Words such as “chat” and “fit” will worm their way into your vocabulary. On the other hand, American accents are not that entertaining or fun to listen to.

There also seems to be a certain charm and confidence with the way British people seem to carry themselves. All the contestants just naturally seem comfortable with themselves and sure of what they want. Whereas in America, the contestants seem more standoffish and awkward and look almost unsure of what to do or how to act.

Because the cameras are on 24/7 it becomes quite transparent who is putting on a show and is just there for the fame and followers and who is actually there to find someone. This might be the biggest change the show has undergone since it began in 2015. People are now aware of the benefits of being on the show and often lie about being single or other aspects of their personal life to get be a contestant on the show.

With the new season of ‘Love Island: U.S.’ airing in the middle of the pandemic, it gives fans something to look forward to every day. Despite overwhelmingly negative reviews of the first season viewers all around the world have said they’re hooked to this ongoing season. Maybe this season might be worth the watch.

While ‘Love Island’ might not be the most socially aware or intellectual show out there, it does provide a sort of distraction or outlet which people might need now more than ever. There is something about ‘Love Island: U.K.’ which simply cannot be replicated despite the many attempts and the original will always stand out. In the end, reality television is just the gift that keeps on giving.

Featured Illustration by J. Robynn Aviles

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