‘The Post’ is the first necessary film of the Trump era

‘The Post’ is the first necessary film of the Trump era

‘The Post’ is the first necessary film of the Trump era
January 24
23:45 2018

“Do you have the papers?”

“The Post” follows the first female newspaper publisher Kay Graham, played by the incomparable Meryl Streep, and her hard-driving editor played by Tom Hanks who acquire proof of a scandal that spanned four presidencies which then began a ruthless battle between government and press.

In the era of “fake news,” “The Post” is essential viewing for not only every hopeful or established journalist, but for the general public — if you feel you are being bombarded with countless news sources and are not sure which one you can, or should, really trust.

It is an incredibly important movie in this day and age, and one can hope will live on in the same year where the credibility of journalists have been tested like never before.

Steven Spielberg is the master of film making, and his craft can be felt throughout every scene in this film.

As “The Post” progresses onward, the film completely comes alive. When Spielberg makes a film, he fully commits to the project which in turn almost always produces a film with timely messages, strong performances and impeccable direction. “The Post” is the epitome of all of those things.

It is certainly smaller in scope when compared to some of his previous films, but the stakes presented in this film seem just as high as some presented in his more blockbuster films.

When a film being helmed by Steven Spielberg whilst also starring two of the greatest actors of our time, it is quite the cinematic event, and “The Post” certainly does not disappoint regarding those criteria.

Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks are two screen legends and believe it or not, they have never been in a movie together before this one.

Unsurprisingly, they are both brilliant in their roles. Their chemistry is magnetic. As they are doing their thing onscreen, you are completely aware of how brilliantly talented they are.

Nobody else can do it like them, and I could not see anybody else playing the roles better.

“The Post” succeeds in its execution because it always presents the truth as the most vital thing in news, which is a direct and critical response to this era of “fake news.”

It is an immensely timely, important film which presents its messages and themes in the sharpest, most biting way possible. This is required viewing for every American citizen, especially in this era of blatant disrespect toward journalism integrity and journalism itself.

Featured Image: Meryl Streep. Wikimedia Commons

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Spencer Kain

Spencer Kain

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