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The predictable NBA continues to show no signs of change

The predictable NBA continues to show no signs of change

The predictable NBA continues to show no signs of change
May 30
19:26 2018

The results are in: The Golden State Warriors will face the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 71st NBA Finals starting Thursday – and honestly, who is surprised?

The Cavs-Warriors NBA Finals saga will continue for its fourth chapter as the two teams – or, I should say “team” LeBron James and “team” Steph Curry – continue to dominate the sport.

Being able to consistently perform at this level and be successful are things every athlete aspires to accomplish, and rightfully so. But, it has gotten to the point in this generation of the NBA that things are getting too predictable, and people don’t like predictability, do they?

Beyond the rallies of up-and-coming teams like the Celtics, 76ers or Rockets – all of whom have managed to pull together a junkyard dog equivalent of a basketball team – this postseason left a bad taste in the mouths of today’s fans.

I think we all knew which two teams would end up in the Finals – even the Boston believers and Houston hopefuls knew it, too. Regardless of how passionate we might have felt about the two teams who bit the bullet and took an “L” at home, it was still clear either the Cavs or Warriors would wrap up this playoff season in the Finals — not to mention the fact that the concept of working as a team has been severely lacking.

Everyone knows LeBron, Steph Curry and Kevin Durant are phenomenal players who carry the successes of their respective teams on their backs. However, the continuation of this specific Cavs-Warriors face-off perpetuates the idea of individual players’ talent versus team skills.

This is especially noticeable in the Cavaliers’ case as LeBron James continues to be an unstoppable force in this league. As hard of a pill as that is to swallow as a Celtics fan straight off a heartbreaking elimination after seven grueling match ups, it’s true.

LeBron’s singular performance got Cleveland back into the Finals for the fourth straight year, and his own personal eighth straight Finals, the first four being with the Miami Heat. This league has turned into LeBron versus the world, and as a team with this supervillain mentality, there’s always a team of superheroes to stop them, which is exactly what the Warriors are.

The Warriors have an exceptional way of making a team mesh together, even when they added superstar Kevin Durant to their roster last year. Somehow, no matter what, the Warriors seem to keep their heads down and play smart basketball – a perfect counterpoint to LeBron’s characteristically aggressive style of play.

As godly as LeBron is hailed to be, going into your eighth straight Finals as a one-man team leads to a toxic, anti-team mentality. Carrying your below all-star average team on your shoulders to the playoffs year after year only continues the idea of how these playoffs have been less about teamwork and more about an improvement to LeBron’s own career highlight reel.

Unfortunately the same can be said about other sports, especially the NFL. Holier-than-thou quarterbacks (Tom Brady anyone?) are the league’s disproportionate superstars and are often the first to be awarded MVP after a big win. Yes, they are play-makers, but it takes the dynamic of the entire team to pull off a win. But I digress.

Only time will tell what will happen to the NBA and its superstars and superteams, but I know one thing for certain: the next few years in this sport will be as repetitive and mentally draining as ever, so buckle up.

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Kaitlin Pennell

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  1. Nba Rigged
    Nba Rigged June 01, 01:40

    What are you taking about?? The Celtics and rockets barely lost! They both should be in the finals!

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  2. Jack
    Jack June 01, 01:42


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  3. Tha_Sosah
    Tha_Sosah June 01, 12:07

    Poorly educated article, obviously sided with the Warriors. It seems your uneducated with the fact of who the villains truly are. Also failed to mention ‘huge’ controversial calls that’s ultimately decided the fate of the finals. At this point it’s not who plays the best basketball, it’s who the NBA wants at the end.

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    • Dick Tiddy
      Dick Tiddy June 01, 20:16

      Stop being triggered at the fact that those teams lost. I’m a celtics homer, and I knew that the C’s would lose in 7. They just are too young to go against LeBron. And the refs did have an impact on this, it’s the reason this was written, take a second to reread this before you get a brain aneurism

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  4. NBA 2001
    NBA 2001 June 01, 15:33

    The cavs are the villains? Lmao what rock are you living under? NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE wants to the the warriors win. They have 4 all stars, the balance of power in the NBA is atrocious. KD ran to a 73-9 team,the team that he blew a 3-1 lead to, and the team that beat the 72-10 Michael Jordan’s bulls record. Now he gets a free ride to the finals every year with the warriors and the nba is ruined. All the handcheck calls that get ignored on Golden State is Unfathomable

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  5. NbaFansEnVivo
    NbaFansEnVivo August 28, 08:33

    The Warriors squad is far superior to the Cavaliers.

    The results are there, it’s an abysmal superiority …….

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