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‘The Turning’ ends up being a headache-inflicting disaster

‘The Turning’ ends up being a headache-inflicting disaster

‘The Turning’ ends up being a headache-inflicting disaster
January 31
13:00 2020

2020 has just begun and we have already been given a terrible horror movie with “The Turning”— if you can even call it a horror movie. Even with well-known actors like Mackenzie Davis (Kate) and Finn Wolfhard (Miles), “The Turning” takes the ‘evil house with evil kids’ storyline and gives us an extremely bland, inconsistent and disappointing start to the year.

I have to be honest, I am a huge horror fan, and before 2017, I was losing hope for the genre. Everything was reliant on who had the best jump-scares or who could make the best remake of a classic horror movie. As the years went on, we got movies like “Get Out”, directed by Jordan Peele, who would also deliver one of the better 2019 horror movies with “Us.” We also got two great movies from Ari Aster: “Hereditary” in 2018, followed by “Midsommar” in 2019. I was hopeful that my favorite genre was on a path of resurgence. 

But movies like “The Turning” are why I lost hope in 2017. For the sake of the movie still being fresh and in its theatrical release, I won’t include many spoilers.

First off, if this movie were to have come out twenty years ago, it would be a little bit better than what it is now. After you have seen this kind of horror movie, you have basically seen every film in the genre. You know when every jump scare is going to happen, when every twist in the plot line will come and when the story is going to be boring. Maybe the PG-13 rating held it back, but I highly doubt it. One of the movie’s saving graces is that it was only 90 minutes, so I was lucky enough to get out of there before the movie began to mentally tax me any further.

Kid actors in 2020 can be a big hit or a gigantic miss. If your movie revolves around kids and the actors playing them are absolutely terrible, that alone puts the movie at a severe disadvantage. Wolfhard is one of the most popular young actors working today, and even he struggled to hit his marks once or twice. The movie is centered around five or so characters and when 90 percent of the cast’s acting falls completely flat, no matter how good the story is, the movie is destined to fail.

In almost every horror movie, no matter how predictable the plot, there are positive things to look at. The music could be great, there could be some cool cinematography or even a scare or two that will stick with the audience. “The Turning” has none of those things. Some may call it harsh, but all things considered, there is no excuse for these movies to constantly be made year in and year out.

The movie tries its best to land a mysterious ending, when really they just threw together an ending that makes no sense in an attempt to confuse the audience into thinking the movie was being smart. Normally, when the audience collectively says, “What does that even mean?” in unison, it is not a good sign at all. I, along with the three other people in the theater with me, were baffled by the lack of consistency. Anyone with the simple grasp of a Dr. Seuss book could understand that this movie had some major issues in its storyline.

The bottom line is this: “The Turning” will be added to the list of forgettable horror movies. If you don’t forget about seeing this movie as soon as the credits roll, you will forget about it five minutes after that. Just give it time.

I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, as it is not even one of those movies that is so bad it is good. It is just terrible. “The Turning” turned my opinion of horror back to the “glass half empty” point of view, and I hope anyone who watches it forgets it as fast as I did.

Final Rating: 1/5

Featured Illustration: Miranda Thomas

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