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Thinking beyond your party loyalty

Thinking beyond your party loyalty

Thinking beyond your party loyalty
March 27
21:29 2017

Kara Jobmann | Staff Writer

In 2017, your political affiliation affects who your friends are, what you discuss and even who you date. It has even become a disclaimer on Tinder, making you think twice before swiping left or right. But party loyalty, while important, should not be your only guiding moral compass. The ability to think and see beyond party lines is a necessity and differentiates man from animal. Blindly subscribing to these ideologies is how tragedies like the Holocaust and Apartheid occur.

During the 2016 election cycle, many Republicans denounced President Donald Trump for his extremism and controversial rants. Even popular Republicans, such as Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Sen. John McCain, took action to acknowledge that Trump’s candidacy was not ideal. However, as soon as the election went in Trump’s favor, the Republicans that had said no to a Trump presidency gathered around their new poster boy to present a “unified front.”

Although a visible alliance is important for any ideological group, the lack of integrity in these Republicans to support a candidate that they originally opposed is frightening, especially in the case of Trump. The ability to stand by what you say, while pressured to say the opposite or switch sides, is the very concept of integrity.

Trump’s evolution from TV personality to U.S. president is completely unprecedented. He blatantly voices hatred against minority groups, has a history of degrading women and continues to lack understanding of what is actually going on in American society right now – with his comments about Chicago only limited to carnage and crime, and only discussing inner cities whenever he’s asked about potential improvements to African-American communities.

Republicans are not the only ones at fault of this though. Democrats and Independents have a blind following and allegiance as well. We, as humans, have the capacity to think logically about situations and use not only personal experiences, but ethics and morals to discern what is right and wrong. Breaking with your political party on an issue does not make you a defector, it makes you a free-thinking human and an American.

Last week, Trump pulled the American Health Care Act out of the House after being advised by Paul Ryan that the bill would not pass from a lack of votes or support. Even though Trump continues to blame the failure of the bill on Democrats, the bill lacked support from several factions of the Republican Party – the Freedom Caucus in particular. Republicans were not able to collaborate in pushing a bill that they have been promising for the past seven years, dealing a huge blow to the president and showing that his party may not be as unified as they let on.

This blind party loyalty dealt a blow to Sen. Bernie Sanders last year. The Democratic National Convention put huge support behind Hillary Clinton, despite his popularity among minorities and millennials. It also seems that Democrats could not get behind an unknown Vermont senator who openly calls himself a “democratic socialist” either.

The ability to see past party lines is an action we are all going to have to exercise for the next four years. Being an American in this day and age demands more out of us than thinking in black and white, or Republican versus Democrat. We must be able to see past voter registration cards to truly make this country great again.

Featured Illustration: Samuel Wiggins

About Author

Preston Mitchell

Preston Mitchell

Preston served as the Opinion Editor of the North Texas Daily from July 2016 to July 2017, and is a UNT graduate of integrative studies.

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  1. Trump deporable
    Trump deporable March 30, 10:10

    False statements about Donald Trump from a snowflake who doesn’t understand American society outside her liberal bubble of UNT. Typical. Kara, honey, your bashing of Donald Trump is very ignorant. He has many supporters from minority groups, and many female supporters, including me. He has demonstrated that he has respect for them through his actions, and he refuses to treat them as infants who are incapable of providing for themselves and their families, as the so-called liberal progressives do. Please become more educated about the world outside of UNT before you speak falsely against our president. Do you really think letting criminals in from Mexico is a good thing? That’s what Donald Trump was speaking about in your CNN link, my ignorant little snowflake.

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