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This & That: The dangers of e-cigarettes

This & That: The dangers of e-cigarettes

This & That: The dangers of e-cigarettes
January 31
15:05 2020

Before the implementation of Texas’ new laws, people under the age of 21 casually purchased e-cigarettes like a hobby. Many consumers did not care about the device’s side-effects and health consequences. E-cigs were originally created to be a safer and cleaner version of inhaling nicotine, according to a dental care report. However, the nicotine alone raises questions and concerns to the juxtaposing stance of how “safe” and “clean” these devices actually are.

E-cigs were altered throughout history, especially after the addition of e-liquid flavors. Compared to traditional cigarettes, some e-cigs do not possess the same amount of nicotine. However, part of the issue is that the vaping devices contain nicotine. Therefore, e-cigs remain dangerous.

E-cigs are dangerous since they cause rampant health issues, so much so that they have resulted in multiple deaths. E-cigs are not the proper route since they worsen users’ health. For some users, once they experience a stressful situation, they begin to use an e-cig as a crutch. Using these as coping mechanisms are a dangerous route to go considering the health hazards they pose.

For example, college students who resort to e-cigs to lessen their stress and anxiety are at high risk of developing severe health consequences if they use e-cigs as coping mechanisms for their stresses.

Thirty-three deaths were confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Oct. 15, 2019, according to the Washington Post. With the death toll only rising for e-cigs, college students should strongly reconsider e-cigs as coping mechanisms.

With each consecutive use, e-cigs lead to unhealthy consequences, such as lung damage, increased heart rate and even death. The nicotine in the e-cig can create problems with brain development, such as memory loss and can increase chance of users to have behavioral impairments, such as depression and anxiety.

Despite this research, some argue that e-cigs are more efficient compared to cigarettes and can offer a beneficial experience. In addition, others argue that it is the best gateway to relieve stress and anxiety. However, all of these oppositions do not consider the consequences of e-cigs, especially death.

Yes, interested people can experiment. However, the issue arises once someone becomes addicted to e-cigs. This will then prompt a user to try different smoking avenues that are far worse for their health, such as cigarettes and cigars.

One solution to the issue of e-cigs has been crafted and implemented into new laws, where people under a specified age limit are prohibited from purchasing the devices. However, the new laws do not solely prevent them from obtaining e-cigs through older friends or family members. Therefore, another solution to resolve the issue of e-cigs is to invite health workers to schools to demonstrate the internal action of vaping and its consequences. This solution will also be a push of encouragement for users to reconsider their choices with e-cigs. If it encourages at least one user to change their life choices, then it would be successful.

E-cigs are not beneficial for users due to the negative health circumstances, healthier coping mechanisms and the possibility of death. Despite several research studies, users will continue to make their own decisions. It is up to the individual to make their decision as to whether or not they choose to use e-cigs.

However, one should ask themselves if e-cigs are truly worth the risk to their health and life.

Featured Illustration: Miranda Thomas

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