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This & That: Why I’m a cat person

This & That: Why I’m a cat person

This & That: Why I’m a cat person
April 26
11:56 2018

Cats versus dogs is a debate as old as time, and this has been a long time coming.

But before I begin, let me disclaim that I love dogs too. You won’t find me bashing them in this article because while I do prefer cats, I still think dogs are really dope. Dog people don’t seem to be capable of such noble thinking and usually rest on the argument that “cats are mean,” but I digress.

The dictionary defines “cat” as “a small domesticated carnivorous mammal with soft fur, a short snout and retractable claws,” and I couldn’t have said it any better myself. But I will.


For one, cats are geniuses. You can’t get anything past them (especially catnip toys).

There are so many stories of cats using their uncanny intelligence to help humans and other good causes. One iconic cat named Oscar lived at a nursing home and could sense which patients were about to die with a very high accuracy, to the point where his predictions would sometimes even prove doctors wrong. He would stay with the patient and keep them happy and comfortable until they passed.

I know dogs are kind of known for being great emotional support animals, but cats are just as great with the right training. I can’t tell you how many times I would be crying on my bed and my cat Bobo would notice and come lay down with me to help. A cat’s capacity for emotional intellect is heartwarming to witness firsthand.


Every cat has its own person-meow-ity. I have three cats: one cat that is typically ornery, chill and standoffish, one that is younger and energetic and loves to play fetch with ponytails and another who is big, lazy and has a snoring problem but who is the absolute sweetest thing on Earth and can never get enough love.

That is a pretty varied assortment of personalities within one household. Now imagine how many cat personalities there are at an animal shelter and how well you could mesh your own temperament with one of them and create a beautiful, cat-human relationship for years to come.

One trait seemingly ubiquitous to all cats is their independence. They don’t need you at all times, and they know you know. They are in control of how and when they get attention, which is perfect for a pet. Sometimes cats like to be left alone for hours at a time — just like people. And unlike with dogs, this usually does not result in the destruction of your home. Maybe your toilet paper, though.


Last but perhaps most importantly, cats are simultaneously adorable, gorgeous and fascinating. No other animal vibrates a calming frequency and kneads your tummy when they are happy (called “making biscuits” in the cat community, which is also charming). No other animal will allow you to stroke its magnificent fur, then an instant later start licking its own butthole in front of you.

There is a reason cat videos are so popular on the internet: because they are cute as hell. Have you ever seen a cat loafing on a glass table? What about that cat that plays with Q-tips? Don’t hesitate to reach out for more cat content suggestions.

Something about these cuddly, weird, beautiful rascals is just paw-sitively alluring (please don’t boo at my puns).

At the end of the day, the choice is yours: cats, or dogs? Allow me to assure you that you don’t have to choose. You can live at the center of the Venn diagram if you want. “I like both cats and dogs” is an acceptable answer, but be aware that “I like neither” will not be accepted at this time or ever.

Featured Image: Illustration by Gabby Evans

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Rachel Herzer

Rachel Herzer

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  1. Barbara Mayes
    Barbara Mayes May 08, 10:20

    I know I’m a dog person, but I also love my Kiki. My Kiki loves me too. Very much. My brother is a cat person, through and through.

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  2. baby duke
    baby duke October 18, 16:08

    ur article is just where my heart is with cats AND dogs they rock and really dogs drool and cats rule !!!

    Reply to this comment

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