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Top 4 feel-good 80s flicks

Top 4 feel-good 80s flicks

Top 4 feel-good 80s flicks
July 30
13:00 2022

“Top Gun” is in theaters, Kate Bush is topping charts and mullets are (somehow) in fashion. This can only mean one thing — the 80s are back, baby!

There’s no better way to commemorate this period of nostalgia than enjoying some classic 80s films. Here are a few gnarly picks of the decade’s best to add to your watchlist. Just remember to be kind and rewind.

“Ghostbusters” (1984)

If you’re looking to ease into some 80s classics, “Ghostbusters” is a great place to start. I mean, who else you gonna call?

The film follows a team of high-tech scientists who lose their positions at a New York City university and decide to become “ghostbusters” for money. The eventual quartet begin their haunting careers capturing spirits across the area. Soon after, they discover a supernatural interdimensional gate that threatens the destruction of the city. It’s then up to The Ghostbusters to save New York City from a total demonic takeover.

If you haven’t already seen this supernatural comedy hit, you’ve probably at least heard its iconic theme song by Ray Parker Jr. Either way, its humorous mastery from Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd makes it a necessary addition to this list. Whether it’s your first or 100th “Ghostbusters” viewing, watchin’ makes you feel good.

“The Princess Bride” (1987)

Are you searching for a fantasy film full of action, romance and cast of quotable characters? As you wish.

“The Princess Bride” is a comedic fairy tale adventure based on a book of the same name. It tells the story of Buttercup, a young woman whose one true love, Westley, must save after a long separation. To reach her, Westley must trek Florian, a mythic kingdom, and defeat the evil Prince Humperdink. The protagonists encounter an array of quirky characters along their enchanted journey.

With an ensemble of icons, including Billy Crystal, André the Giant and Carol Kane, “The Princess Bride” is one of the best watches the 80s has to offer. Its humorous plot and loveable characters easily impress and entertain. After watching the classic adventurous tale, it’s likely you’ll find yourself an instant fan. After all, movies are what bring us together.

“Back to the Future” (1985)

Great Scott, this is an amazing film. Sitting at number nine on Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Movies Of All Time list, “Back to the Future” is truly a cinematic classic. Sounds pretty heavy.

In the film, 1985 teen Marty McFly finds himself stuck in the 1950s after an experiment by his friend, quirky scientist Doc Brown, goes wrong. Now in the past, Marty meets young versions of his parents, disrupting the space-time continuum and putting his life at risk. In a race against the clocktower, Marty must make sure his parents fall in love and return to his own year to save both his own life and Doc’s.

This movie has everything you could ask for in a sci-fi — time travel, a plucky protagonist and a sleek, stainless steel DeLorean. Consider “Back to the Future” a must-watch if you haven’t already given it a try. It’s your density. I mean, your destiny.

“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” (1986)

John Hughes is one righteous dude. As this list’s top contender, his wild adventure of the ultimate 80s cool kid is sure to save its viewers from any boredom spell. Ferris Bueller, you’re a hero.

“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” chronicles a day in the life of its namesake character as he and his friends, Cameron and Sloane, have a high school ditch day. Though this concept may be familiar to many students, no one does it like Ferris, a larger-than-life troublemaker. The trio embarks on a Chicago adventure in their “borrowed” Ferrari while trying to evade the wrath of Principal Rooney, who tries to catch Ferris red-handed. The soon-to-be graduate drags his pals into a day full of wacky antics, though not without its share of conflict and suspense.

This Hughes staple will leave viewers wanting to live vicariously through the laidback teen. Its fun, lighthearted plot, centered around Matthew Broderick’s most iconic role, makes it an easy and entertaining watch. Like many other 80s classics, it’s also chock full of memorable quotes, creating an unforgettable movie experience. The flick’s loveable charisma is the true heart behind its success, making it one of the greatest pieces of feel-good 80s cinema ever made.

You’re still reading? It’s over. Go home.

Featured Illustration by Erika Sevilla

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