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Toxic attitudes in the anime community reflect the wrong image of fanbase

Toxic attitudes in the anime community reflect the wrong image of fanbase

Toxic attitudes in the anime community reflect the wrong image of fanbase
September 09
15:38 2019

Anime has become mainstream so why does it still get hate?

Ever since the release of the animated film “Akira” in the U.S. during the ’80s, anime has started to infiltrate American culture. From the mass viewership of animes such as “Dragon Ball Z” and “Naruto” to even incorporating anime characters into major brands such as Primitive, a skating brand, Americans love anime.  

So why is it that there is a major stigma against both anime and the people who love it, especially on the internet? 

Even those who are fans of these shows look at others in the community and stick their noses up at them based on their personal opinions toward the show. These types of anime fans often reflect an innacurate and negative image of the anime community.

There are tons of people who enjoy anime in their own world, keeping quiet until asked and when they are, act in a respectful manner towards others who might not understand their perspective.

It’s really when the toxic level of fan, and let’s be honest it’s mostly men, comes into play that anime gets a bad rap. The anime fan that usually brings a high level of unsavory and unkind behavior are known as “Weeaboos” or “weebs” for short. The term originated from a web comic called “The Perry Bible Fellowship” and this term went on to be the most well-known term for this type of fan. 

The term is derogatory and is defined as a person who is obsessed with Japanese culture, mainly through anime and views it as the superior culture. “Weebs” take anime too far, incorporating aspects of Japanese culture in their own lives such as the language, clothing, and certain habits that end up appropriating Japanese culture instead of appreciating it.

Then, they will turn around and look down on other anime fans because they don’t take their interests to the level of insanity that they do.

In a community that likes something that was so niche for so long, why are people fighting over who is the more superior fan on internet message boards?

But this kind of behavior, I have primarily seen online. I have run into fellow anime fans who have been considerate and fun to be around. Yes, sometimes they will argue to their heart’s content over dumb questions but in the end most are just sitting around the table laughing and having fun with something that they are passionate about. 

This is what is great about anime. Just like other great mediums, it has an ability to bring people together over great stories that can be relatable to them. The internet has been a great highway for anime to spread all over the U.S. but in that same method, its brought out the ugliest sides of nerds who don’t really know when to shut up. 

Many of the most hardcore fans can be the most toxic, not only to those outside of the community, but also to those who are a part of their group who might not see eye to eye with them. 

Honestly I love anime. I watch a metric crap load, probably more than is healthy and I’m always looking for my next fix. When people ask me what I like, I’m upfront and even if they aren’t feeling it, I don’t look bad on them for not or look bad on myself for liking what I like.

It’s just another medium of film that happens to come from a place across the ocean, that’s all. It’s weird and different and I’ll be the first to tell you that. But everyone who hate on it and those in the community hating on others need to calm down. You’re making all of us look bad.

Featured Illustration: Miranda Thomas

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