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Trump is misleading the media against Joe Biden

Trump is misleading the media against Joe Biden

Trump is misleading the media against Joe Biden
September 20
01:30 2020

Presidential campaigns have an insane track record of historic portions of drama, character assassination and pettiness. Examples range from the 1800 election when President John Adams was referred to as “hideous, hermaphroditical character” on a Jeffersonian pamphlet to the 2004 election when President George W. Bush aired a famous ad that made an example of Sen. John Kerry flip-flopping on several issues.

Though personal attacks have been a staple of every election prior to the upcoming 2020 Presidential election, the candidates behind the verbal barrages handled the situation with more grace and skill than the incumbent president who decides to operate on a more elementary level. Recently, Trump’s campaign released an ad that consisted of images of Democratic candidate Joe Biden which were heavily manipulated. This string of attack ads has sparked a wave of controversy because of how far removed they are from the original context.

The first image titled “Alone. Hiding” shows Biden alone and sitting on the floor even though he appears to be talking. The original photo actually shows 10 people in mid-conversation with the democratic candidate. Biden was visiting Coralville Mayor John Lundell’s home and the paper reported that over 30 journalists attended the event and Biden sat on the floor after offering his seat to someone else. According to The Washington Post, the original photo appeared in The Gazette and the image was used without permission from the Cedar Rapids newspaper.

The second image titled “Diminished.” shows Biden in an interior setting with his thumb touching the top of his forehead. The photo was actually taken in Cedar Rapids in September 2019 where Biden spoke at a nature preserve and it was shot when Biden was about to answer a question from an audience member. The doctored version removed the microphone from Biden’s hand and placed him in a house setting to make him appear alone and distressed.

The third image titled “Never Will.” is the least edited of the photos circulated by the Trump campaign, but is still taken out of context. The image shows Biden alone in a basement with the background of the photo dark and fuzzy. The original photo was a shot taken in June by the Associated Press of Biden praying at the Bethel AME Church in Wilmington, Del. after the killing of George Floyd.

These photos are an amateur attempt by Trump and his campaign to paint Biden in a negative light, albeit falsely. The biggest problem is how these attack ads are not only taken hilariously taken out context, the images aren’t even believable to a person lacking the eye of a photographer upon viewing them. The images set out to make Biden appear like a defeated loner who knows his campaign is a lost cause. If these images weren’t bad enough, Trump’s campaign decided to take it one step further.

In an article posted on Yahoo, Trump’s campaign sponsored a photo of Biden who is digitally aged and in poor health. The irony behind Trump calling Biden’s age into question is they are only separated by three years and Trump is the oldest president to be elected into office. Not only are his jabs at Biden lazy but they spread false truths, which is hypocritical as Trump has been one of the biggest freedom fighters for the truth even if it is in his own mind. The danger of these ads is not only does it spread untruths to the general public, but a lot of media consumers don’t know to fact check the news they receive or they don’t have time. This could potentially sway people away from Biden because they would think he is unfit to serve as president and potentially side with Trump.

So, why is the president’s health such an important concern to the American public? It started 100 years ago when President Woodrow Wilson suffered a stroke during the second term of his presidency. His health was hidden from the public and most executive decisions were made by first lady Edith Wilson. Since then, the topic of a president’s well-being has come into question such as John. F. Kennedy’s or been made an issue in a campaign against Ronald Reagan.

Trump is attempting to manipulate the media against Biden as a last-ditch effort to win the election. In any competition, opponents will fight dirty or bend the rules of the game but Trump is attempting to pull punches that just aren’t there. It reflects worse on the behalf of Trump’s campaign to digitally age or isolate Biden in these images because it shows they have no dirt on him, they are attempting to create a bad image of him. In the end, this isn’t about Biden or the truth itself: it’s one man’s scheme to win the election at all costs, even if it goes against his own definition of “morals.”

Featured Illustration by Miranda Thomas

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