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Trump is unworthy of a woman’s vote

Trump is unworthy of a woman’s vote

Trump is unworthy of a woman’s vote
November 02
13:29 2016

Even after his constant misogyny and numerous accusations of sexual misconduct, there are still women supporting Donald Trump.

If one thing is obvious, it’s this: Trump doesn’t respect women, so why should they support him?

His record is anything but clean. He views women as sexual objects there for his taking. Any woman who respects herself shouldn’t support someone like Trump.

He’s incredibly problematic. Having a president with such little esteem for women would set a bad example for females across the country.

If your president doesn’t honor the matriarchal figures around him, it tells other men they don’t have to either. In fact, Brian Schaffner, a political scientist at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, found a statistic link between rampant sexism and Trump support.

The correlation will only grow stronger if Trump gains actual power as the president.

His comments about women alone should make you squeamish. Chalk it up to “locker room talk,” or that boys will be boys, but those excuses are running thin. People don’t just make sexually offensive claims unless there’s a subconscious desire to act on them.

Similar studies ran in 2008 and 2012 by the Cambridge University Press, finding that sexism and gender attitudes heavily contributed to lower Hillary Clinton support.

This sexism is due to a lack of knowledge on the feminist movement outside of Tumblr stigmas; the kind of ignorance women have fought so hard against.

Trump isn’t going to fight for women’s rights to choose what happens in their own bodies. He won’t pass laws aiding women’s healthcare or eliminate the tampon tax at a federal level. His angry, sexually violent rhetoric only strengthens a bigger issue — one where women are treated as second-class citizens.

People who mistreat women aren’t going to fight for rape victims, nor would they fight to close the wage gap.

Trump, however, fought for nearly 2 hours to convince Americans that “no one respects women more” than he does, yet immediately turned around and called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman.”

He constantly belittles the opposite sex, scrutinizing females on their physical appearances, as if the only thing women are good at is looking pretty for men. He doesn’t see women past their looks — yet somehow, Republican women support him and even have an official website.

This is odd considering how, in 2011, Trump called a lawyer “disgusting” for wanting to breastfeed her child. His attorney, Allen Garten, did not confirm or deny what he said.

This class of men doesn’t want women to succeed. They want to suppress their voices and suffrage. Women everywhere should be fighting against this misogyny.

Trump even condemns Hillary for Bill’s unfaithfulness. This is a form of victim-blaming and teaches other men that it’s sufficient to do the same. Hillary can’t help that her husband couldn’t remain faithful. Trump can’t either, but he probably accuses his exes of that also.

Don’t give power to such prejudice. If Trump had his way, women would lose their right to vote and would be stuck in households again.

This isn’t the ‘50s, ladies. Don’t elect a man who wishes it was.

Featured Illustration: Samuel Wiggins

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