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Trump, Kanye have made the office of the President a joke

Trump, Kanye have made the office of the President a joke

Trump, Kanye have made the office of the President a joke
July 26
14:00 2020

Being the president of the United States used to be a big deal in this country, but now it is starting to be more of a circus. Everyone is announcing they want to be president and that they can do what is best for our country. Although the requirements to become president are not high, it still should be a bigger deal than what it is.

On July 4, Kanye West announced that he was running for president. He did not necessarily say it, but he tweeted it to his 30.2 million followers. When Kanye makes an outrageous tweet or does something crazy to draw attention to himself there is always new music to follow. Could this be another stunt, or is he serious?

At the time he made the post it was no actual proof of him filing the necessary paperwork. He did miss the filing deadline for most states, but we know that will not stop him from trying. When he pictures himself in the white house he sees the movie “Black Panther.” He speaks of himself as one of the most powerful humans and can use the “Wakanda” mindset to make a lot of innovation.

It is unclear if he has the proper knowledge of politics to run this country. In an interview back in 2018 his wife Kim Kardashian West who acknowledged the rapper is, “not political, actually.” If his wife stated that he is not political than we can only imagine what his true intention is for running.

We all know that he supported Trump while he has been in office. He announced that he was taking off the red hat and taking things in his own hands. Even though the hat is off he still does not plan to run against him or interfere with his reelection.

“I would run as a Republican if Trump wasn’t there,” Kanye said.“I will run as an independent if Trump is there.”

Normally when people run for president, they do not think about who they are jeopardizing when deciding which party, they want to join. If you are going to be president, you cannot think about the other candidates but the people in this country.

The artist has never voted in his life and just recently registered to vote in Wyoming. Yes, you read that correctly he has never voted in his life due to him being scared. What could he possibly fear? If he’s worried about the opinions of his fans and others around him, he definitely should not be running for president.

While deadlines are coming close, he is still able to jump on to a few states’ ballots. He was able to join Oklahoma by paying a $35,000 fee, which probably isn’t much for the rapper. I am starting to see that anybody with money can run for president. While he could throw his money at Oklahoma, he cannot do that with all states.

West had his first campaign event in South Carolina on Sunday. Those who wished to attend had to sign up on his campaign site. When you click the link, it immediately asks for the viewer to sign a petition to add him to the South Carolina Ballot instead. It is pretty clever don’t you think?

The South Carolina deadline is normally on July 15 but was extended by five days due to the coronavirus state of emergency. He had to get 10,000 signatures to be added to the ballot on Monday. South Carolina State Election Commission spokesperson confirmed the rapper did not submit any of the signatures needed to get on the state ballot.

What was the purpose of him holding the rally? We can just patiently wait for the album to drop this week. He had a lot to say to everyone who showed up to see him. While a lot of people tweeted, they were going for a good laugh they did not know what they were really walking into.

During the rally West claimed Harriet Tubman “never actually freed the slaves. She just had the slaves go work for other white people.” This sparked a lot of conversation during the rally and this is when people started to wake up.

West also spoke out against abortion. The artist was in tears speaking on the fact he did not want to bring his first daughter in this world. If it were not for his wife their first child North would not be here today.

“I almost killed my daughter,” he said, sobbing.

Since the announcement, rally and series of tweets, many people have speculated the artist may be in a state of mania due to his bipolar disorder. Mental health is something that gets ignored in the Black community. Is West crying out for help? We sit and laugh at his actions, but when will he receive the proper help that he needs? We must stop laughing at people’s pain and hear them out.

Mental help should not be ignored and rather taken seriously. Yes, him running for president is a joke but we thought the same when Trump was running. Will we make the right choice this go-round or will make the same mistakes twice?

Featured Illustration: Miranda Thomas

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