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President Trump has created his own version of conservatism

President Trump has created his own version of conservatism

President Trump has created his own version of conservatism
November 15
23:59 2017

The rise of President Donald Trump has been a wild one, to say the least. Throughout the years Mr. Trump has supported many different politicians, both Democrats and Republicans. He even supported his opponent Hillary Clinton at one time. In fact, Mrs. Clinton attended the now President’s wedding to his current wife, Melania, back in 2005. With his reign through the Republican Party, the definition of conservatism has been warped into Trumpism, a blended mix of liberal and conservative ideas.

President Trump’s combination of conservative and liberal philosophies show in each of his policy ideas. For business regulation, President Trump believes in putting America first and penalizing business that choose to move out of the country to save money. To me, true conservatism is believing in free trade, an open market and world trade.

Some of the luxuries we are presented in America are able to be purchased at a low cost as a result of businesses cutting their costs outside of the United States. Regulating businesses and their trade is typically more of a liberal philosophy than a conservative one. President Trump did not win the election by just convincing conservative Republicans, he won the working class citizens of America by going against the rapid globalization of the economy and putting American workers first.

When it comes to healthcare, conservatives believe that competition and innovation are the best way to improve the healthcare system.

President Trump however, said that “we’re going to have insurance for everybody”, which is again, a liberal philosophy rather than a conservative one. While the president’s repeal and replace of Obamacare failed, it very much resembled it.

A core value of conservatism is the ability to have a free press, completely free from government interference. However, President Trump tweeted “With all of the Fake News coming out of NBC and the Networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License? Bad for country!”

This statement borders on fascism in that licenses should not be given out and consequentially revoked if the government deems the sources do not meet their standards.

President Ronald Reagan once said that “if fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism. And what is fascism? Fascism is private ownership—private enterprise—but total government control and regulation. Well isn’t this the liberal philosophy? The conservative, so-called, is the one that says less government—get off my back, get out of my pocket—and let me have more control of my own destiny.”

Well, it is clear that the American people are tired of the government on their backs and in their pockets and are beyond fed up as congress has reached its lowest approval ratings ever.

Along with both Clinton and Bush dynasties dominating nearly three decades of the presidential races, and President Obama leading the way in new-era liberalism, the American people were ready for real change in Washington.

Donald Trump presented the American people with an option never seen before in modern politics in that he appealed to some Democrats, some Republicans, and some Independents in a very unique fashion.

During his campaign for the presidency, I’ll admit, I was very worried of Trump’s fascist ideas in terms of governmental control.

It took me awhile, but I finally understand people’s support for him, in that he is bringing real change to this country in putting the American people first. I don’t agree with everything he is saying or doing, but I do believe we are becoming more prosperous, more free, and more safe.

I personally know of many people that voted for Obama and Trump respectively, which comes as a surprise. This only further proves that the American people have been seeking real change and have grown of the elites dominating our society, economy and government.

Although his views seem to vary between both sides of the aisle, President Trump won the election by promising not be be business as usual and so far, that is what he has done.

Trump has promised to fight globalism and to empower all Americans to become successful in a number of ways in this country and I hope he sticks to his word.

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