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UNT keeps changing parking pass prices, but why?

UNT keeps changing parking pass prices, but why?

UNT keeps changing parking pass prices, but why?
August 17
18:59 2017

With the beginning of every school year comes textbook purchases, last minute registration, move-in days and the worst – maneuvering the UNT parking lots.

Notoriously known to be hated by students and faculty alike, the UNT Parking and Transportation Services have hiked up parking pass prices yet again, on top of construction literally knocking out parking lots.

What I don’t understand is how they determine how much a parking pass is worth. Why is the most expensive parking pass (a reserved spot in the Highland Street Parking Garage) is $1,200? How was that astronomical value decided?

We’re already broke college kids, why should we have to pay an arm and a leg and a half to get a single parking pass that doesn’t even guarantee us a spot?

Traditionally, freshman and residence hall residents park outside their assigned dorms. Now, they all park at the lots behind Victory Hall on the other side of Apogee Stadium. The lot behind Kerr Hall, one the largest residence halls on campus, is blocked off due to construction. Every other parking spot belongs to Platinum and General pass holders.

Now, parking spots are more segregated and the rules and prices are more tedious.

Want a reserved spot in the garage? Do you have $1,200? Want an over sold Eagle pass, not guaranteeing you a spot? $250.

In the short time I commuted to UNT in fall 2015, I could not find parking in the general lots. After reading about parking violations, I found out that the passes were over sold. To add to that issue now, visitors to campus without a parking pass can pay to park in general commuter lots using an app. The overcrowding just keeps getting more crowded it seems.

In the 1980s, UCLA did a study and found that students were more concerned about finding a parking spot than school work. Interesting how some things never change.

Parking over the past couple of years been nothing but a crapshoot on top of all the construction of a continuously growing university. Given the current disdain for the system as a whole, the new parking passes and parking issues a new semester brings will without a doubt cause some anger around campus.

At least campus doesn’t feed local tow trucking companies. They will just boot your car if you get enough parking tickets.

We are already broke students, most of us pulling out loans, most of us working jobs to buy groceries and now paying nearly a class worth of money for a parking pass? Why does the issue of parking never seem to get better with all of this money made off of parking?

Good luck to everyone out there this upcoming semester. Thankfully, I live less than a mile from campus now and will never, ever have to worry about parking again.

Featured illustration by Samuel Wiggins

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Julia Falcon

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  1. Michael
    Michael August 27, 20:39

    Parking is expensive. The valuable space cars take up are a huge drag on the community, and parking is in fact underpriced. Why should the students who don’t pollute the atmosphere and the area with cars subsidize those who do?

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    • Casey
      Casey August 30, 14:09

      Easy to say when you aren’t a commuter like the rest of us and with Denton being so crappy to not have much public transit.

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