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UNT to buy IHOP land, students will get over it

UNT to buy IHOP land, students will get over it

UNT to buy IHOP land, students will get over it
September 30
14:30 2017

UNT is going to buy the IHOP right next to campus. Everybody stay calm.

The UNT Board of Regents authorized the purchase of Lot 27 at 1001 N Texas Blvd., which is home to the IHOP many UNT students frequent for late night fried food.

But it is time to let go.

With more and more vegan and vegetarian options popping up in the area and being successful, it follows that Denton is not quite as interested in quick and unhealthy meals as it once was. IHOP itself is an old chain founded in 1958. Customers are ready to venture into cleaner, greener pastures. Media arts freshman Claudia Andreessen would not be bothered by the restaurant’s absence.

“We went there once and we didn’t like it,” Andreessen said. “I don’t know if [that’s because] it’s an old IHOP or something.”

The IHOP staff would not mind that much either. Manager Brooke Seymour, 20, said that when UNT gets ahold of the lot, she will just get a job elsewhere.

“I would just want IHOP to let us know a little bit ahead of time,” Seymour said. “I’d like to have all my bases covered.”

Denton is not lacking in places to eat, not even within walking distance of campus. Chipotle, Chicken Express, Jack in the Box, Subway and more can be reached relatively quickly on foot. If you live on campus, UNT’s state of the art Student Union has probably got you covered in the food department.

Denton has quite a few of its own cult classic restaurants such as LSA Burger Co.,  Seven Mile Cafe, and Hypnotic Donuts. You might spend a little more at these places, but the difference in quality is undeniable. With great local restaurants like these, you will not be missing IHOP.

Chemistry sophomore Teran Nickells prefers other late night eateries to the pancake house.

“Dix Coney Island is way better,” Nickells said.

Dix Coney Island, another classic Denton restaurant, features similar items and prices as IHOP, and is open for 24 hours a day on the weekend. On Monday through Thursday, Dix’s keeps its doors open plenty late, closing at 4 a.m. Perhaps those finding themselves confused and aimless after IHOP is gone can find solace in Dix.

The regents board has not disclosed what exactly the land will be used for, but hopes are high that UNT will make appropriate use of it.

What if it is made into a parking lot? Doesn’t that sound nice?

So when the day comes that IHOP closes its doors forever, remember what good may come, and remember the countless other options you have to fill that late night cheesy craving.

Featured illustration by Max Raign

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Rachel Herzer

Rachel Herzer

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  1. MakeUNTGreatAgain
    MakeUNTGreatAgain October 01, 14:04

    They take away our grocery store and us it for nothing of importance. Now they are going to buy the Ihop lot and do nothing with it. Hmm, a parking lot, sorry buddy that aint happening with that amount of space.

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  2. Daniel
    Daniel October 02, 18:29

    There are a few on campus places, but none are open as late as IHOP. Not only that, but the late night options (such as Dix) are not within walking distance. Compile that with the growing parking issues and you are not going to get a lot of on campus living students pursuing those options.

    Reply to this comment
  3. John
    John October 02, 21:23

    This article seems really pretentious and the interviews and opinions are cherry picked. You had two opinions in your article and that’s it, and these opinions only serve your own bias. The way you write this really makes it seem like you are in the pocket of UNT. Many people i personally know love the place and is usually packed whenever i go, but i suppose showing more than one view point wouldn’t work with your style. Quality journalism.

    Reply to this comment
  4. theresa
    theresa October 02, 21:50

    this is the nastiest article you guys have ever written. i’m so offended by this and the lack of research done to see how UNT students actually feel about IHOP. You asked a couple of people who have barely used IHOP on late nights of studying or early mornings before finals. Disgusting. I will NOT be getting over it. And since WHEN has UNT cared about making parking more accessible for students? What a joke!

    Reply to this comment
  5. Neil Smellresk
    Neil Smellresk October 02, 23:34

    uNt tO BUy IhoP lanD, STUdeNts WiLl gET OvER iT

    Reply to this comment
  6. Squilliam Tortellini
    Squilliam Tortellini October 02, 23:36

    And here’s your daily dose of UNT propaganda

    Reply to this comment
  7. Trent
    Trent October 03, 11:07

    This is one of the worst articles I have ever read.

    “Dix Coney Island is way better,” Nickells said.

    It seems like whoever wrote this article just kind of asked a couple of people next to her about it and decided “Oh hey, this could be an “article”.

    This article feels less informative, but instead seems like one girl’s opinion on how she prefers vegan food instead of IHOP. She probably had a bad experience at IHOP, and is now using two of her friend’s opinions to make her claim seem as though she is representing all of UNT.

    If UNT bought the lot, fine. Nothing we can do about it. But this is about the equivalent of a blog post.

    Reply to this comment
  8. Friendly Neighborhood Commenter
    Friendly Neighborhood Commenter October 03, 11:09

    Is this a column or an article?

    Reply to this comment
    • North Texas Daily
      North Texas Daily October 06, 11:34

      This is an opinion piece.

      Reply to this comment
      • Loves UNT
        Loves UNT October 17, 15:45

        People are not interviewed for opinion pieces. You can cite others’ opinions in an opinion piece, but those opinions based on actual research. You don’t go out and ask for opinions for your own first person opinion piece. That’s Journalism 101. Something that UNT doesn’t seem to be teaching, based on the poor quality of the NT Daily in recent semesters. As someone said, this is blog piece. Not something that belongs in a newspaper.

        Reply to this comment
  9. sookysnider
    sookysnider October 03, 15:20

    So one student says they don’t like that IHOP and that makes it okay for it to go away? Blasphemy!

    Reply to this comment
  10. Spicy
    Spicy October 03, 22:46

    Is fat shake closing next? Since its not healthy?

    Reply to this comment
  11. Badarticle
    Badarticle October 04, 12:11

    There’s no subway open in walking distance of campus. Little fact checking goes a long way.

    Reply to this comment
    • North Texas Daily
      North Texas Daily October 04, 18:51

      Hey Badarticle, there are two Subways right next to campus. One is located on Hickory St. next to Voertman’s, the other off Collier just south of Campus. A little fact-checking does indeed go a long way!

      Reply to this comment
  12. Neil Nevins
    Neil Nevins October 04, 16:16

    Just because there are now vegan options means people who enjoy traditional pancakes and eggs deserve to have one less restaurant that’s cheap and easy? Most vegans and vegetarians have the INCOME to afford those more selective diets. The rest of us make do with anything that’s convenient and tastes good enough. IHOP’s been a staple near UNT for years and true it’s closing isn’t the end of the world but it doesn’t deserve this level of arrogance and shades of social superiority

    Reply to this comment
  13. ParkerMc
    ParkerMc October 04, 16:55

    This was a shit article

    Reply to this comment
  14. whatfreshhellisthis
    whatfreshhellisthis October 04, 17:56

    this is sarcasm, right?

    Reply to this comment
  15. Michael
    Michael October 05, 08:37

    I certainly hope UNT doesn’t spend my money to build another parking lot! There is already a glut of parking on campus. Hopefully, the land can be put to use as a school building or dormitories.

    Reply to this comment
  16. Johnny
    Johnny February 27, 08:26

    Fucking assholes. Sad how everything revolves around money in this world. And no we as students won’t ever get over it.

    Reply to this comment

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