UNT’s Thanksgiving break isn’t very filling

UNT’s Thanksgiving break isn’t very filling

UNT’s Thanksgiving break isn’t very filling
November 03
11:35 2017

Thanksgiving is cherished by many for the opportunity it gives us to spend time with family, eat well and give thanks. At UNT, students get the Thursday of Thanksgiving and the following Friday off of school for the holiday. If you are lucky, you might get that rare email from your professor canceling class the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, but do not bet on it.

Two days off school for the holiday seems alright to those of us whose families live in the area, but for out-of-state and long-distance students, 48 hours is not enough time.

In spring 2017, UNT had 1167 out-of-state students, according to the current UNT Factbook.

Students whose families live far away have a much harder time trying to make it home for holidays. Costs of plane tickets and travel are substantial, especially for a college student. This is sometimes a deciding factor in whether or not a student is able to visit home.

UNT students come from counties all over Texas, a state of more than 260,000 square miles. Even in-state students might have a 7-hour drive to get to their family.

Long distance students do not have the luxury of the occasional weekend visit home, so they spend long periods of time apart from loved ones.

Additionally, over Thanksgiving break, students often still have assignments and homework to complete, taking from the already short time they have to visit.

When the break ends, finals week is right around the corner, a considerable cause for stress for most students. More time to relax and be with family would be beneficial to students’ well-being and likely their grades.

Texas state law determines which holidays universities can close to observe, but these institutions get to decide the start date of each semester. If UNT adjusted start dates of the fall and spring terms to make the month-long winter break a few days shorter, those days could be added to Thanksgiving break.

Three days would not make a noticeable dent if removed from winter break but would make a world of difference if added on for Thanksgiving.

So, UNT administration: Stop being a turkey and make Thanksgiving break longer. Don’t you know it is rude to gobble and run?

Featured illustration by Max Raign

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Rachel Herzer

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  1. Loves UNT
    Loves UNT November 07, 10:27

    Many adults must work all or part of Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving weekend. It’s called Real Life. Quit whining and be grateful that you have two full days off right now – because you may not have any in the future unless you take vacation days. And if UNT shortened the winter break to have a longer holiday for Thanksgiving, you’d probably complain about that.

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