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How to wear those perfect curls imperfectly

How to wear those perfect curls imperfectly

How to wear those perfect curls imperfectly
November 14
17:17 2018

With the amount of beauty and hair advice being published every day, only a small percentage of it pertains to curly hair, even though there are so many gals and guys on campus with beautiful kinky-coils, curls and rough waves that are worth celebrating. I have been blessed with very wavy-whirly hair, but with that blessing, comes many curses and a lot of maintenance.

Curly hair, as fun as it is, is very difficult to manage and take care of. However, there are a ton of techniques to make curly hair as tangle-free, healthy and manageable as possible. Curls come in types and textures of all sizes. From slight waves to coarser coils, every form of texture becomes beautiful when cared for properly. Here are a few tips and holy grail tricks to keeping curls frizz-free and fun I’ve picked up over the years:

Use a moisture-laden conditioner

This cannot be stressed enough: Conditioner is a curly’s best friend. It moisturizes, detangles, refreshes and softens hair all at once. The biggest pitfall of curly hair transitioning is not utilizing conditioner. Conditioner is an essential part of a styling routine and should be used with the same value as a cream or mousse. The softer and more natural the ingredients, the better. Lather your hair with conditioner until silky smooth, then gently detangle to clear out unhealthy clumps. When you start to use conditioner like a styler, your whole hair routine changes — but in a good way.

Lock curls in with cold water 

Styling in the shower is always a surefire way to get luscious locks with less hassle. This hair tip applies to all hair types, but specifically benefits curly types. After conditioner is rinsed and your hair is starting to get its life back, turn the dial and blast it with cold to lukewarm water. Cold water seals in hair’s moisture while adding luster and shine to last throughout the day. 

Have satin dreams

The bane of my existence is preserving my curls. Keeping your curls frizz-free and defined starts at night with the way you sleep. There’s a million ways to do this: curly buns, silk bonnets, protective hairstyles — you name it. A personal favorite of mine is to have a satin pillowcase. Yes, it sounds high maintenance, but a sleeping on a resistant fabric helps with frizz and tangles, keeping curls’ elasticity and definition in place and ready for the next morning. Most super stores sell these for about $5-$10, so a satin pillowcase will definitely not break the bank. You are also not limited to just satin pillows! Scrunchies, headbands, bonnets, and bows can all be found with satin fabric and work just as well with protective hairstyles or on their own.

Say goodbye to heat

Blow-dryer? Sayonara. Flat Iron? See you never. Hot temperatures? This is a cold-air-only zone. What I am trying to say is, when embracing your natural curl, it is time to swear off heat for good. Throw that blow-dryer in the trash and toss out your straightener — anything with a high-heat setting must go. Not only does heat irrevocably damage your locks, but it creates relaxed hair, which are strained follicles that have lost their natural curls.

Ditch the brush

This tip is the easiest one yet: All you have to do is toss the hairbrush. In other hair texture cases, a brush is a must-have. It takes any terrifying mess of tangles and knots and trades them in for silky smooth locks. (Think Mia Thermopolis’ transformation in “The Princess Diaries.”) As much as that scene gets it comically right, it gets one detail horribly wrong: Curls do not behave that way. When brushed, true curls resemble that of Hermione’s tangled mess — a style no one actively wants. Brushes ruin beautiful curls by pulling them taut and ruining their elasticity, creating a coveted “mad scientist” look. However, hair does still get tangled, so when this inevitably happens, you already have your best tool on-hand: your fingers. Gently comb (not rake) your fingers through your hair while it’s wet in the shower. If done thoroughly enough, you can eliminate any potential knots that may rear their ugly head.

Embrace your curls

The most important step in switching to natural curls is being content with all of the gorgeous twirls and spirals but also learning to co-exist with the knots and snags. Wearing curls can be hard and can even feel limiting, but nothing is more rewarding than knowing that you love your hair as it is, natural and curl-tastic. Embrace your curls — they deserve your love.

Featured Image: Managing curly hair doesn’t have to be difficult, especially with these helpful tips and tricks. Abby Sweatt

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Abby Sweatt

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  1. Socks
    Socks November 23, 07:50

    being an old guy with gray hair I don’t have much experience with curls but would like to be curl-tasting. Great story.

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