Weezer brings the heat at SXSW

Weezer brings the heat at SXSW

March 22
18:16 2017

The chants began early in the evening, hours before Weezer would grace the stage. That didn’t stop the crowd from a little premature celebration, however.

When you think of SXSW, Weezer isn’t exactly the first band that comes to mind. The festival typically hosts more indie artists, although it has progressed to include a lot of hip hop and rappers in recent years. However, a rock group as legendary as Weezer isn’t one you’d expect to see on the bill. It’s a funny little juxtaposition to put such an iconic rock band in a city known for hipsters, but nevertheless, Weezer persisted.

For their age, the band puts on an incredible show. They’ve been together since 1992, making it an incredible feat that they’re even around anymore. Their self-titled first album dropped in 1994 and the band has been on a roll ever since.

The second the band hit the stage, the entire atmosphere of the room changed. It was evident that the crowd was there for them. Suddenly, 900 docile people became the complete opposite, scream-singing and head-banging along.

The band started off strong with their hit, Hash Pipe. In a time where it’s hard to stay relevant for more than a few months, let alone over 25 years, one thing remains true: people love a good song about drugs. It was evident that the song was a crowd favorite, and it kicked off an incredible set.

The band rolled along through Pork and Beans, (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To, You Gave Your Love to Me Softly and Perfect Situation, giving the crowd a good mix and a build-up to one of the best moments of the night.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Weezer show without Beverly Hills. As soon as those first notes started, there was a noticeable change in the crowd. Even if you don’t know it’s by them, you know the words.

It’s such an inclusive feeling when the entire crowd around you is singing along to the same words you are. With a song that was so influential to the 2000’s, it’s a crazy feeling to see that same song played live.

Of course, the band also played their other hits, like Say It Ain’t So, Island in the Sun and Buddy Holly. The last half of the set was definitely more entertaining and full of energy than the first, solely because that’s when all of the most popular songs were placed.

In general, the band still has it. Whatever the “it” factor is, they’ve still got it. Although they may not be the most energetic or crazy onstage, musically the band is fantastic. It takes quite a bit of luck, but mostly talent and skill to last as long as Weezer has. They’ve definitely got quite a few more years left.

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