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What it’s like dating a Trump supporter

What it’s like dating a Trump supporter

February 13
21:39 2017

Alyssa Wolverton | Contributing Writer

When Harrison first told me, I thought it was a joke.

“I can’t wait until Trump is president!” he exclaimed. Then I realized after a few more awkward sentences that yes, this guy was indeed a real Trump supporter in Denton. And he was on his second date with me.

Our first date was on Mar. 15, 2016. I remember because it was the best damn date of my life. We went to LSA Burger. We strolled UNT’s campus and sat on one of the benches. We played pool on Fry and walked back for a final drink at Pascall’s. The topic never came up that night and I knew that was on purpose. Sometimes, Harrison worries about saying what he really feels at UNT.

But when we hung out again the following week for lunch, it did come up and of course, I had a million questions. At first, he joked that Hillary was a criminal. Then he told me how Trump was not another politician and wanted to make a real change for this country.

Some of this disturbed me. Since 2013, I had taken an abundance of philosophy and rhetorical communication classes here that were pretty liberal leaning. At least he could support his opinions well enough and, trying to be the open-minded liberal I had grown up to be, I wanted to at least try to appreciate him for who he was.

Our third date was at the gun range, I kid you not. He was very serious there, with no touching or “being cute” allowed. We had to stay focused as I shot my first gun at the target, being careful to keep the barrel pointed away from anyone at all times.

I was surprised how seriously everyone at the range was taking the handling of weapons. And, lo and behold, it was actually really fun. Soon after, though, we were just making out in his car. Our political identities weren’t so important then.

So we went on like this and soon began the other fun part: explaining Harrison’s political beliefs to friends. They were baffled. “How can you date a racist bigot, Alyssa? Don’t you think there is something seriously wrong with him?”

I took Harrison to a party where he was a specimen. He was asked a million questions about his political philosophy, all answered in the politest of ways. My friends had doubts, true. But they love being able to talk intelligently with Harrison about politics, and whenever they get abrasive, he stays cool. Mostly, he and my friends end up asking each other the same question: how could someone vote for a villain?

It wasn’t until we were eating breakfast at Chick-fil-A, with him open carrying and reading the Dallas Morning News, that something extreme came up. It referred to one of Harrison’s favorite news sites as “neo-nazi.” I couldn’t stop laughing. Harrison re-read the statement and furrowed his brow.

I said, “Honey, do you think that’s accurate?”

He said, “No! That whole site is one big joke. They just say that garbage, and maybe a couple racists finally think they have friends, but everyone knows it is fake.”

I stopped laughing. “Do you think it’s fake, Harrison?”

“Of course. They say the craziest s–t and it’s super funny. I know they’re exaggerating.”

Here is something you don’t know about Harrison. He is extremely smart. At this moment, I didn’t know how badly he liked Trump, but I was relieved that it wasn’t too extreme.  I can’t say he’s never voiced racist opinions at me, but the few times he has, I quickly point it out for good measure and he’s agreeable to it.

Since then, however, our conversations about politics have taken on a new flavor. We have had an entire date about “the wall.” We literally had to sit down and talk about why it was a good idea or not. After the Dallas shootings, he was devastated and could barely contain his lack of understanding for BLM supporters. We had to have long conversations about that too.

Another thing to note about Harrison is that he hates arguing and loves it when people get along. He lost his father in the Iraq War, so he desperately wants people in America to be safe and to value everything great about our country.

He goes out of his way to be kind to strangers and people on the periphery of society, such as homeless and disabled people. He is an atheist who loves all things science and history related. He genuinely does not agree with everything Trump says. He loves “Calvin and Hobbes,” memes, working out, reading, puzzles and, most importantly, me.

The truth is our political views are a very small part of our relationship. It can get heated at dates, but only for a short while. Honestly, I like it. I like being able to really know what I believe. Harrison challenges that in me. I think the most important part about meshing political beliefs while dating is that you both believe in something powerful.

I am not very political, but I am deeply religious. Somehow, it works for Harrison and me, and I praise God every day that I found him.   

Harrison makes me laugh so much. He helps me stay motivated to be healthy. He cuts the itchy tags out of my shirts, tries the weird food I make and reads “Calvin and Hobbes” out loud with me.

I secretly hope that one day, Harrison would sit me on that bench again like we did on our first date. You know the one on the Library Mall, the one that swings and faces the Union, underneath that tree where the albino squirrel lives?

Yeah, that one. I hope we get to hold hands, laugh and remember how awesome life is together and where it all started. We will rest assured that although we will always have political (and many other) differences, sometimes love works in mysterious, powerful ways. Particularly at UNT.

Featured Image: Alyssa Wolverton and Harrison Allton spend time with one another. Emily Hoffman.

About Author

Preston Mitchell

Preston Mitchell

Preston served as the Opinion Editor of the North Texas Daily from July 2016 to July 2017, and is a UNT graduate of integrative studies.

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  1. Trump deplorable
    Trump deplorable February 14, 08:43

    I don’t understand why you’re so surprised about what a sweetheart your guy is. Many Trump supporters are like him. I guess you just haven’t met many of them. They’re genuinely nice people who are far more reasonable and tolerant about hearing differing opinions than those who supported another candidates. They also love the U.S. and recognize that Donald Trump loves this country too and is just trying to do the best for all Americans, even if he’s making some mistakes. And many Trump supporters may not have supported Barack Obama, and may have been upset he was elected twice, but there were no hateful and disruptive protests from them. Nor do conservatives resort to violence and riots when a liberal-leaning speaker is invited to UNT, or demand the speaker be uninvited (as several UNT students demanded when Rudy Giuliani was a speaker at an event OFF campus).

    I think liberals are now alienating many Americans, even those who voted for liberal candidates in the past, with their labeling and name calling of Trump supporters and conservatives, and their intolerance toward those who don’t share their political ideologies. My darling husband, once a registered Democrat, hasn’t voted for a Democrat candidate in recent years because he’s felt alienated and abandoned by party leaders – and he voted for Donald Trump and is a proud Trump supporter, as I am.

    Reply to this comment
  2. D
    D February 14, 15:50

    Good job! 🙂 Shout out to the love stories that begin at UNT..

    Reply to this comment
  3. Win A Date With Harrison Allton!
    Win A Date With Harrison Allton! February 14, 16:32

    How do I sign up for a date with Harrison Allton? I’ve always wanted to quickly point out someone’s racism for good measure and have them be agreeable to it. It has also been my dream to explain a civil rights movement. Do I have to explain to my black friends why my date tacitly endorses the nationalist ideals of Trump’s platform or do I just tell them we “have long conversations about that too”? Do I still have black friends in this scenario?

    I draw the line at reading comic strips aloud to a grown adult but, hey, whatever drowns out the internal screaming.

    Reply to this comment
    • God bless you
      God bless you October 24, 12:33

      You think you’re being funny, but you’re actually pathetic in your sarcasm. You’re too obsessed with hating our president and those who voted for him to realize that. You hatred will destroy you someday.

      Reply to this comment
  4. Rita B
    Rita B October 11, 07:42

    What an insipid story. You’re a devout Christian and in love with a gun-totong racist Trump-lover? I hope you kniw what you’re getting into.

    Reply to this comment
    • Loves UNT
      Loves UNT October 24, 12:29

      Rita, exactly how is Harrison “racist”? Not supporting BLM is not being “racist.” I don’t support it because it was founded on a lie and continues to be focused on lies. If you study the statistics, there is not an epidemic of police officers shooting and killing African Americans. The statistics show the opposite – officers are less likely to draw their guns against African Americans. The talk show host Larry Elder has repeatedly reported this, but BLM ignores the truth to support its agenda and has put police officers in danger as a result – look at how five officers died in Dallas last year during a BLM rally. BLM is also a lazy ass movement. Its supporters could stop protesting and actually mentor teenagers so they won’t get into the trouble as Michael Brown did, but that would be too much work for them. They’d rather be lazy and just bitch at the police instead of trying to work for good. I also fail to see how carrying a gun for your own protection is a terrible thing, and I also fail to see how Christianity requires you to only love those who have the same political ideology as you do. But, like many liberals, all you seem to know how to do is call those whom you disagree with names and play the race card. The author has found a wonderful person, so why should she be denied that?
      Oh, and I did mention that Larry Elder is African American? Conservatives like me don’t divide Americans into special interest groups. Liberals seem to be obsessed with division, so it’s unbelievable that someone would fall in love with someone with a different political ideology.

      Reply to this comment
  5. fltnsplr
    fltnsplr December 29, 03:43

    How do you like Trump now?

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