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What Trump’s tax history says about him

What Trump’s tax history says about him

What Trump’s tax history says about him
October 13
13:40 2016

Donald Trump seems to have a “yuge” problem with immigrants, and so do his supporters after making it his mission to eradicate immigrants in a nation founded by immigrants.

Through absurd slander, Trump has persecuted multiple ethnic and religious demographics by pandering to others that helped him win the Republican nomination, which has proven to be incredibly dangerous. Trump’s supporters seem to follow his spray tanned footprints to the land of false conjecture, with no regards to fact check anything he says.

Trump tends to pull facts from a magical hat when forming his racist, hypocritical rhetoric, speaking confidently about false statistics that fuel people’s disdain for other races and religions. Donald Trump’s accusations have brought out the worst in people, and it’s disheartening to witness such a divide in a country that strives to be progressive. Many of the people who once supported him because he was “different” have turned their cheek to the outspoken candidate with each new scandalous story, yet there is still a discomforting amount of people who continue to support his ad hominem.

Over the course of the recent presidential debates, he has catered to the group of Americans who believe undocumented immigrants are destroying our country, and their reason for being immigrants is to steal our jobs and in being here they do not pay taxes that us hard working Americans pay, so we should kick them out. This also sparked heavy race discussions, as some of Trump’s supporters seem to be inherently racist and associate anything or one that isn’t white with being an immigrant and un-American.

There was hope that the United States was taking a step in the right direction by electing a black president; insinuating a small, but moving digress in race issues and coming together as a country to accept other races as our equals. But it seems that we have taken a giant, if not gargantuan, step backwards in our progression as a human race as some spineless and ignorant supporters slither out of their snake holes and make their appearances.

It’s not a surprising notion that Trump supporters could come up with an excuse for Trump when he lies about something minute, like his stance on American companies moving to other countries for cheaper prices. You know, how he consistently, in every other sentence, mentions China stealing our industries away from America, when he himself has multiple different companies in other countries, including China. You could justify that as a business step, as it’s too hard to actually own companies in America but this is all Trump stands for: Everything economic except his taxes.

The world got a big surprise during the presidential debate, most likely making the most memorable, greatest moment in American, presidential history when Donald Trump openly admitted he proudly doesn’t pay federal taxes. Jaws dropped as he had officially sealed his stance as a hypocritical liar, who has likely avoided paying taxes for the last 18 years.

The hypocrisy Trump has shown couldn’t possibly be excusable to his followers, or even his running mate Mike Pence, who was thought to have dropped out after a disgusting video of Trump making lewd comments was released, sealing Donald’s fate as a disrespectful pig. You would think after being so vocal on immigrants and their taxes and how they shouldn’t be allowed to be in America for that, you would make sure that you yourself are paying taxes and that your nominee himself was updated on what he exactly “advocates” for.

As Trump eats his own foot, those who once supported him only for his “differences” have seen the errors of their ways, with recent polls showing Trump declining at a rapid rate. But of course, Trump will deny this because who else would he be if he didn’t fight against true statistics.

Featured Illustration: Samuel Wiggins

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