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Whatever the fun, stay safe in the sun: 4 sunscreens that will keep your skin protected

Whatever the fun, stay safe in the sun: 4 sunscreens that will keep your skin protected

Whatever the fun, stay safe in the sun: 4 sunscreens that will keep your skin protected
September 05
13:18 2019

By Sean Riedel | Contributing writer  

If you claim to be serious about skin care but skip out on sunscreen, you are not as serious about it as you think. Many people skip sunscreen or use one that has such a low SPF that it is essentially pointless.

Not wearing sun protection leads to damage, increased wrinkles, sun spots, and for people with skin conditions like rosacea, it can be a trigger or increase irritation. And despite it being very popular, there is actually no safe amount of tanning according to the FDA, and all UV exposure is damaging to skin cells.

Dermatologists recommend using at least SPF 30, but many sunscreen lotions that are marketed only have an SPF of 15. Many people also do not properly apply sunscreen when they do, generally using small amounts and not layering. Additionally, there is not really any research that supports higher SPF (like 70 or 100+) is more effective than SPF 30 to 50.

I have used sunscreen every day for the past two years, and it has definitely improved the tone of my skin. But as someone whose father has had skin cancer several times, including melanoma on his face, I take sun protection seriously. If you’re as serious about your skin as you say, here are some sunscreens I would suggest implementing into your routine.

Neutrogena Ultra-Dry Touch SPF 50  

This is the sunscreen I’ve been using for the last three months. I initially didn’t love it as it can leave somewhat of a white cast caused by the zinc oxide, which is its main ingredient. But if it’s rubbed gently or blended more, the white cast is not nearly as noticeable. And at SPF 50, it provides ample protection as a purely mineral sunscreen (more on that later). So, I have grown to really like this sunscreen and see myself using it for awhile. You can find this sunscreen almost anywhere and it only costs about $13. A little goes a long way with this one.  

Baby Sunscreens

Sunscreens marketed for babies can be used by anyone! In fact, they’re a better option than others because generally, they are high SPF and non-irritating. Because baby skin is generally more sensitive, many of these sunscreens use ingredients that are not likely to irritate the skin–for people of any age. Both Neutrogena (I promise they don’t pay me to praise them) and Aveeno have some quality sunscreens that work well.

Coppertone Ultraguard Lotion SPF 70

This is a chemical sunscreen I used for a year and I have to say it was very effective, but there were some cons to using it. It did make my skin appear somewhat greasy or wet all the time and some people thought I was constantly sweating. Additionally, recent reports have expressed some concern with the use of chemical sunscreens, as researchers have found that the chemicals commonly used in them–avabenzone and oxybenzone–are absorbed through the skin and may be linked to irritation, hormonal disruption and cancer.

This has to be further researched before it can be known as fact, but my advice would probably be to stay away from chemical sunscreens until it is known what all the effects are. However, I would also add that wearing any sunscreen is better than not wearing it at all.

CVS Health Clear Zinc Sunscreen

This is a sunscreen I used for a short time, but I liked overall. As a combination sunscreen, it might be useful for those wanting to use a sunscreen that is very mineral-based, but leaves less of a white cast. As a combination sunscreen, it has chemicals and minerals in it working together to protect skin, but it has fewer chemicals than traditional chemical-only sunscreens. Plus, it is pretty affordable as it is a drugstore brand.

Photo Illustration: Tiffany Martinez

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