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Why you should never lie on your bed with outside clothes on

Why you should never lie on your bed with outside clothes on

Why you should never lie on your bed with outside clothes on
March 24
15:00 2022

Coming home after a long day, you are really not thinking of anything else other than relaxing and unwinding in the comfort of your own home. If you are really tired you might just take your shoes off and hop in bed, ever so unaware of all the bugs, germs and microbes you just spread onto your sheets. 

The number one most frequently made mistake by people is lying in their beds with the same clothes they have been wearing all day still on. You don’t know what could have been attached to your clothes or what surfaces you accidentally might have brushed against.

It’s similar to touching your face after you have been handling things like your phone or your steering wheel. You are transferring germs from one place to another.

Even so, you can at least wash your hands as frequently as necessary. You don’t wash your sheets every day unless you spill something and even then most people don’t have a habit of frequently washing their bedsheets.

A survey was given to 1,000 Americans in Philadelphia to better gauge their linen-cleaning habits. It was found that 44 percent of Americans wash their bedsheets once or twice a month and 11 percent wash their sheets once a quarter of a year.

Even more shocking, five percent wash them only once or twice a year. This is just a small sample example of people’s cleaning habits. 

Not properly washing your sheets causes a buildup of germs. Just because you showered in the morning does not mean that the outfit you wore to school or work is as clean as you are. This brings about issues like potential bacterial diseases, sicknesses, bugs, fleas and even acne. 

There are different surfaces you have sat on, leaned on and lied against that could have transferred germs from the surface to your clothes. All this is brought home with you after a long day.

Not only should outside factors be taken into account, but the human body naturally produces dirt. The human body is constantly sweating, producing oils and shedding skin cells. It is said that every minute of the day we lose about 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells off the surface of our skin.

If you have a habit of lying in bed with clothes you’ve worn all day, there’s a big chance you have accumulated germs or dirt. Bacteria can live on your clothes for weeks and even months which can then be contaminated on your bedsheets, according to Dr. Philip Tierno, director of Microbiology and Immunology at New York University.

This was after discovering that brand new clothes can be contaminated with bacteria, norovirus or staph germs. If he is suggesting to wash newly bought clothes, then the shorts that were worn for eight hours on a hot summer’s day should be washed before going anywhere near your bed. 

Acne is the inflammation or infection of a sebaceous gland on the skin, as defined by Dermascope. Restrictive fabrics could also trigger skin irritations or flare-ups: “One of the main causes of back and chest acne is caused by prolonged pressure and friction by anything repeatedly rubbing on skin, such as tight shirts and backpacks.”

If you have been walking around in the same clothes all day and then lying on bedsheets that haven’t been washed in a month, there is a high chance of your skin breaking out.

A breakout is worse depending on how dirty something is. The grime accumulated on bed sheets and dirty clothes can transfer the bacteria and dirt into the hair follicles. This causes them to become clogged and infected and create a breakout on not only the face but also create chest and back acne. 

Other big risks include bringing home fleas, ticks and bedbugs. These little bugs are a nuisance to get rid of and, not to mention, costly.

They also spread fast and if not treated quickly and can spread all throughout your house. Flea and bed bugs can spread dangerous diseases and are difficult to get rid of. Frequently washing your bed sheets, changing and washing clothes and showering before bed can majorly contribute to the cleanliness of your bed. 

Featured Illustration By Miranda Thomas

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