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Wordle alternatives for your daily routine

Wordle alternatives for your daily routine

Wordle alternatives for your daily routine
February 24
12:00 2022

Wordle — everyone’s favorite word guessing game that starts with a grid of 30 boxes and a keyboard — has taken the world by storm over the last month. For those who aren’t familiar, it’s a play-once-per-day activity where you have six tries to guess a randomized word of the day with hints to tell you what letters are in the right place.

Wordle is the first of its kind in this industry, but since its inception, many others of the like have emerged to give people an extra Wordle fix each day. Following are the top eight free Wordle alternatives when just one Wordle a day is not enough. Quick disclaimer though, none of these are made by the same people behind the original Wordle game.


For those with a knack for geography, Worldle is the place to be. Instead of having a key word to guess each day, it shows an image of a country, and you have six tries to guess which one it is. It tells you geographically how close you are to the correct answer by showing a percentage and arrows pointing to which direction the right country is, opposed to saying how close you are letter wise. Some countries are easier to guess than others, but it’s a fun way to sharpen geography skills with a chance to play once per day.


Although it may seem like a silly alternative, Letterle is a variation of Wordle where instead of guessing a word, you have to guess one letter. It can be frustrating when it takes until the 26th attempt to guess the right one, but nothing beats the satisfaction of getting it on your first try. This game can also be played an unlimited number of times, so you can replay during different pockets of down time throughout the day. 

Taylordle, Bikle and other fan-based games

For those who want to play Wordle with a spin of your favorite things, search the internet for a version of the game within your niche. Taylordle was made for the Taylor Swift fans out there, and Bikle gives players a chance to guess the names of current and past cyclists. Whatever your interests are, type it in your search bar with “Wordle” immediately following to see if your fandom has dabbled into the letter game industry yet.

Wordle Off

Playing Wordle by yourself can get boring at times, so challenge your friends to a game of Wordle Off. In this rendition, you’re given a sharable link to pass along to your opponent, then you both have the same word and have to see who can guess it first. This game can be played an unlimited number of times per day.

Dordle and Quordle

Dordle or Quordle are alternatives to take up when guessing just one word at a time isn’t enough. Dordle gives you seven tries, but instead of guessing one word, you have to guess two simultaneously. The same goes for Quordle, but you have four words to guess in eight tries. On both Dordle and Quordle, you can pick whether you want to play the word of the day with one attempt or the unlimited version to guess multiple a day and some practice in.


A challenging alternative to Wordle, Absurdle gives you an unlimited number of guesses, but with a catch: the winning word changes with each guess. The game goes out of its way to make sure you don’t get the right answer in the first few tries, and it’s not uncommon to take 10 tries to get to the key word.


If numbers are your area of expertise, consider checking out Nerdle. Instead of giving a compilation of letters to guess, this game requires the player to guess a randomized math equation with eight slots to fill in. Each guess has to equal a correct equation, and it lets you know how close you are to guessing the equation at hand.

Wordle Unlimited

If you prefer to stick to the classic Wordle layout but need more than one word to guess a day, Wordle Unlimited is the game for you. It takes on the same approach as the original Wordle, but gives you an endless list of words each day to play.

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