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You ‘Gain’ nothing from eating Tide Pods

You ‘Gain’ nothing from eating Tide Pods

You ‘Gain’ nothing from eating Tide Pods
January 31
23:10 2018

Remember the gallon challenge in which people would chug a gallon of milk within a set amount of time? Or do you remember the cinnamon challenge, where you would grab a spoonful of cinnamon and try to consume it in less than 60 seconds?

Well, now the Tide Pod challenge has quickly become an epidemic amongst teens. The challengers literally bite into a Tide Pod, wait for it to burst and then spit it out.

How ridiculous does that sound?

As a society, we have come to encourage stupidity.

Memes about Tide Pods are being made following the satirical article from the Onion, to joke about making them Gordon Ramsey worthy. People started playfully placing Tide Pods in their meals for a good laugh. Nevertheless, it has been blown out of proportion.

The challenges that seem to gain (pun intended) popularity, somehow involve serious possible injury.

Why are we choosing to place ourselves in risky situations and call it “cool?”

We are normalizing health risks by willingly taking part in these challenges in a public manner. The challenges are accomplished so they can be uploaded to the internet and shared with the world.

They become an influence to those who dedicate their time to social media.

Tide Pods are filled with highly concentrated detergent, for the sole purpose of cleaning clothes. You would think that people would know that laundry pods are meant to be used for laundry.

Granted, people would actually need to listen to their conscience.

Consequently, the Tide Pod epidemic encouraged the new trend of “snorting Gain.” This challenge is meant to be funny, because people snort cocaine. (Get it?)

You do NOT have to follow any trend to obtain the status of “cool.” It is up to you to determine how you are going to allow society to influence and identify you.

These ridiculous trends are causing many young adults to become angry. Tide Pods are utilized by many college students when doing laundry. Instead of measuring the amount of detergent to be used, the Tide Pods come measured. They are a gift that supports our lazy lifestyle.

The effects of this challenge may cause the pods to be discontinued, but as of now, they are still being sold.

YouTube has taken many of the videos down in order to stop consumption and decrease the popularity of the trend.

Serious health concerns come with consumption and possible death. Any reaction does not exceed the worth of a life.

Featured Image: Illustration by Austin Banzon

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